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Hey everyone,

I have just overviewed all the chandeliers in HD images for your convenience.
As well, find some tips how to reduce noise in your photos.

Hopefully this post will help you to save your time and money while experimenting with the light in the photos.

Later I will make more reviews of lights.
2016-11-22 09:48:44
I'm just here to say thanks for updating the catalogue to give a better view of the items and objects available - especially in the lighting and electronics department it really helped me see which screen I wanted. Thanks.
2017-05-21 16:17:56
why is planner 5d created
2017-05-23 02:55:59
To: Leila
2017-06-07 09:50:11
realy good

2017-06-07 21:44:52
Perfection lies in simplicity.
2017-09-21 08:06:04

I am trying to figure out how to render images without the lights on. My idea is to simulate natural daylight/sunlight in the room as precise as possible.

Can you help me?

Kind regards,
2017-10-18 13:43:26
Hello there.

I'd recommend to avoid putting too much lamps, chandeliers, etc.

To get a daylight effect is quite enough to put windows and mirrors.

2017-10-19 07:55:50
I'm excited to start designing!
2017-10-29 18:21:26
Hello to You too!

Happy designing )))
2017-10-30 05:35:20
I love this
2017-12-15 15:05:15
2017-12-15 15:05:40

How can I help You?
2017-12-18 08:38:25
why the texture is not visible after the rendering process is complete
2017-12-28 05:35:37
Maybe it is too close to wall. Try to put the frame a little bit far from wall.....
2017-12-28 11:07:00
looks good at draft time, frame does not stick to wall. texture is not visible at the time of HD

2017-12-28 13:20:30
Can we make video 3d or I need third app
2017-12-28 20:38:48
What do You have in mind?

What kind of video?
2018-01-02 08:48:43
Well Hi There!

Planner 5D is really easy to use. Trust me it is very awesome! If you mind please check out the lastest forums and ideas for more information about planner 5D. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful time!

~ Sierra/ Planner5D
2018-01-21 01:02:16
2018-01-22 12:30:54
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