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The easiest way to do that is to create a Planner 5D account. Once you are logged in to your account on any platform, you are able to work on the same projects and sync them with the server, from any device, Excluding Planner 5D for Windows 10 platform.

Planner 5D for Windows 10 platform is a comprehensive app, which does not have any log in/sign in with Planner 5D account inside the application.

So, how to sync projects with Planner 5D for Windows 10 platform?

1. Export a project from Planner 5D for Windows 10 platform.
Open the project and click “save as” button to save the project as .p5d file.

2. Import a project to another platform.
Go to web site:, log in/sign in to Planner 5D account>go to projects menu and choose a button “open a file”, copy the project to your account. You are now able to reach your project from any platform: Android, iOS, web site (exc. Windows 10), once you are logged in to your Planner 5D account.

3. Import a project to Planner 5D for Windows 10 platform.
Save a project as .p5d file (from Android/ web site)>open Planner 5D for Windows 10>choose a button “open a file”.
2016-06-01 10:12:11
Hi, I have logged in my account on a new android device, There are clouds next to each of my projects. When I try to open any of my projects, it says "The project couldn't load". What's the problem?
Thank you
2016-10-07 11:10:11

please, contact our Support Team via Attach a screenshot of the menu and a message.
2016-10-10 10:51:01
How do I open on my Galaxy S6 edge + projects I've done on my PC?
2017-06-22 11:53:55
Good day,

By logging into Your Planner5D account on Your phone.

Open the app itself;

When it opens, tap on a "Profile" icon on the top left and log in.
2017-06-22 12:00:32
How do I download the files onto my computer? Do I need a file converter? What application will open my projects? Can these projects be uploaded onto websites?
2017-10-25 21:16:54

You do not need a converter and, of course, projects can be uploaded into websites.

Projects can be saved to any drive on Your device-> "Saves as" option is implemented into Menu.

Of course, this only works with a full catalog purchased.
2017-10-30 05:29:03
I must be dense. I created an account on I have projects that i have already made on my IPAD, but I made them when I did not have an account. How do i move this project from my actual IPAD, into my account so I can work on them on a different device?
2017-12-10 16:01:36

Log in to Your Planner5D account on iPad as well and projects will auto sync.
2017-12-11 09:35:01
If I pay for the "Unlimited Full Catalog Access" with Google Pay on my phone will I have full access on my laptop?
2018-01-16 19:56:57

It will if You made an account based purchase.

In app purchase will be limited to a device only.
2018-01-16 20:20:36
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