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For web users:
while creating a project, click on the locked item, the menu will appear offering options to buy a catalog.
Follow the purchase window. After purchase full catalog access will be added straight to your Planner 5D account.

For iOS and Android users there are two options:
1. to purchase full catalog access to your iOS or Android device without sign in/log in.
If you make this type of purchase on iOS device, you will be able to have an access on any other iOS device (make sure your Apple ID is on!). If you make this type of purchase on Android device, you will be able to have an access on any other Android device (make sure your Google account is on!).
Note! There is no possibility to use the same in-app purchase both on iOS and Android devices.
How to buy:
In-app purchase on iOS and Android devices: open the app, on the left side next to the profile information find the button "BUY Full catalog Access" or "Full catalog access".

2. to purchase a catalog to your Planner 5D account.
You will have access to all items on your Planner 5D account and you can use it on any device, but you will not have an access being offline and not logged in to your Planner 5D account.
Sign in/Log in with your Planner 5D account>make purchase. Full catalog access will be straight on your Planner 5D account.

3. Purchasing in Planner 5D for Windows 10 platform from Microsoft Store.
Planner 5D for Windows 10 does not have any sign in/log in options. Purchased pack of: full catalog access + additional features (e.g. import/export projects) will work Only in the app, there is no option to sync the purchase with other platforms, such web site, Android, iOS.
Read more about Planner 5D for Windows 10 here:

Attention for IOS users: Family sharing does not work in our app!!! Even though, Planner 5D presentation in App Store says. that Family sharing option is mentioned as possible, which is configured as default and does not depend on us. Read more about family sharing opportunities on iTunes here:

In case you had an access to items and suddenly you see there is no access anymore:
1. check if you are logged in; 2. your access might be expired.

In case you have bought full catalog access and the items are still locked, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: or simply click the button "support". Always make sure you leave your contacts, so that we could reply you back.

If you don't wish to spend money on purchasing we have several options for you:
1. we sometimes give a promo code to our users for limited time. To be updated about promo codes, follow us on social networks.
2. For loyal users we have special offers. Please, read about it here:

Money refund:
if you experience a problem with the product you have purchased, you can get a money refund, for this you'll need to have a valid reason.
The purchased products via iTunes should be refunded also via iTunes. Read the instruction here:
Learn more about refund policy for products purchases on Google Play:

We recommend first to drop a line to a support service about the issues you have experienced (you can do it straight via e-mail: and if the support service did not fixed your issue, then get a money refund.
2015-09-02 14:38:16
Hi. I have a question. Do you have to buy each catalog, i.e doors and windows, furniture as a separate item or can you pay one fee and access all catalogs?
2015-12-09 17:33:39
Hello Jocelyn,
once you pay you have access for all items in the catalog for a specific time you purchase or unlimited time.
2015-12-14 14:09:47
Let me clarify my question. Chairs, windows, flooring are 3 separate catalogs, right? Will I have to pay a separate fee to access 3 different catalogs or is there a fee that allows me to access any and all catalogs?
2016-01-28 21:11:28
Yes, you will be able to access absolutely all items for the period of time or unlimited.
Note: no any additional features or functions will come. Using app stays the same, you get access to all locked items.
2016-01-29 09:12:12
Question: so I bought it for $20 on my laptop (MAC) and I had it on my iPad i want to open this on my laptop not the web platform. How do I do this? because I feel like i wasted $20
2016-02-03 22:00:43
I'm considering buying the $19.99 "unlimited" packages, but first I have a question....

On the $19.99 pkg, it says "5 HD snapshots"

What does that mean? That you can save only 5 snapshots in total? Or is that the name of the package? Or what?
2016-02-06 22:00:06
the Mac app and the app for iOS devices - are comprehensive apps.
The access is available only as it stated before in the post.

Yes, it means additionally to full package access you get 5HD snapshots. If you wish to have more, you should make a separate purchase for HD snapshots.
2016-02-08 11:58:26
Unfortunately, I am unable to purchase any of the packages because I receive an error message stating the site is unable to accept money. Is this a bug that needs fixing or is that a bigger issue? I'm using a MacBook with the latest updates. Thank you!
2016-02-21 01:00:31
Hello Stephanie,
please, send the error screenshot to my email:
2016-02-22 08:09:58
Hi Leila,
I am thinking about buying the full version on my laptop (Windows 10 based) it says that the package cost $12.29. if i pay that will I then get unlimited usage or just for a certain time period?
Cheers Kaycee!
2016-06-05 04:04:17
Hey there,

if you buy unlimited package for Planner 5D Windows 10 platform - you'll have it for good.
Before buying, note: the package will work only for Windows 10 platform.
You are able to work on the same projects through different platforms, learn more about it here:
You are not able to use the same full catalog access on other platforms as: web site, iOS, Android.

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask or contact support via
2016-06-06 08:02:02
Hi Leila -
I purchased the 30 day download on my PC 2 days ago. Today I reopened a project that I am working on and am unable to see the measurements now. If I open 5D in the app the measurements are there, but all of the items are locked and I can't l find anywhere to log in. Any help with either or both of these would be greatly appreciated.

2016-06-10 02:53:45

How does the mac app compare / contrast with the various paid versions of the online one?

The mac appstore has a number of different catalogs ... a total of 6 different apps - does the unlimited online version include ALL those extra catalogs/features?
2016-06-19 06:17:47
Hi, Tim,

That's right.
2016-11-17 08:21:14

Will my purchase on web available on Android / iOS as well?
2016-11-19 14:26:09
Good day,

Yes, if purchased through Your Web account, it'll also be usable with Android and iOS (just do not forget to log in
2016-11-22 12:51:31
Hi, I am using a MAC and I would like to purchase Planner 5D full version. Is it better to purchase from App Store or from your website? Please state the differences of downloading either the one or the other. Thank you.
2017-01-07 16:12:57

There is not a significant difference, really.
2017-01-08 08:19:16
Hi, I bought the one year all access on my iPad, and now I am wondering how do I get that full access on my laptop online? I logged in but it does not allow me the full access on my laptop.
2017-02-07 20:08:13

Of course, it does not, if that was an in app purchase, not based on Your Planner5D account.

However, as for that purchase of Yours- do You have an invoice or any other proof?
2017-02-07 20:15:42
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