FAQ / Planner 5D as Desktop app for Windows 10

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Planner5D for Windows 10 app can be downloaded from here:

Windows Store: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9nblggh4mp71

Some technical information about the app:

- That application was made as Windows Universal App with native technologies.

- Planner 5D used Microsoft guidelines for clear UX, XAML for 2D modelling and Direct X for fastest 3D rendering on Windows devices.

User experience:

- the app is easy and simple to use;

- open the app and explore the main menu: click "select" button on the top of the screen to select any project on the menu to delete or duplicate the project; find support button on the top of the screen for any issues or questions to contact;

- start creating projects easily by clicking "+new project" or straight from Demo;

- open the catalog with items simply clicking the + button on the top of the screen;

- explore all buttons on the top of the screen for: changing settings of the project, sharing, downloading, adding floors or switching to 3D view mode.

Purchase information:

a package of purchase contains:

- premium catalog with over 3000 items: unlock all items in the catalog;

- open an external .p5d file (import project into the app);

- save as .p5d file (export project from the app).

What is not yet available:

- The app yet does not have Planner 5D account.

- For those, who has Planner 5D account on different platform you can save file as .p5d and later open it on Windows app (import file to the app).

Note: Windows 10 app's catalog is separate, comprehensive and standalone, it does not sync to another platforms/devices.

P.S. In case you have any troubles with downloading the app, receiving an error message, then you have to clean cache on the Windows 10 Store.
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