FAQ / Save your project JPG file

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Here are the options for you:

1. In 2D mode press the camera icon (right), and then follow the instructions below.
Step-by-step: click on the icon screenshot - "Save screenshot " - and then transfer picture in a new tab. Also, you can always make a screenshot via any app, such as Monosnap or Joxi.
OR either, click "print" then click cancel on the printing window. This will leave a page open with the vectorial 2d picture of your plan. Now you can simply take a screenshot or [PROTIP]

2. In 3D mode: click on the camera icon from the top, choose the mode (Draft or HD). Learn more about HD (and Drafts): https://planner5d.com/forum/post/23750/ OR
make as well a usual screenshot.

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