FAQ / All you have to know about HD snapshots

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HD snapshot is a photorealistic photo that you can take of the projects you make in Planner 5D. You can view some examples of HD snapshots over here: https://planner5d.com/ru/gallery/ideas/

What should you know before making the HD snapshot:

1. We strongly recommend to make Drafts first and only then make HD snapshots. When you make a Draft of your project you can see more or less how the HD will look like. If you make HD without any Drafts - it may not fulfil your expectations and unfortunately you will not have any HD snapshots in your stock. Even more, when you buy HD snapshots, you have an unlimited number of Drafts.
2. It is very important to put some light to your room before you make HD photos. Put some windows, lamps, etc., otherwise your photo will be dark. Vice versa - do not Overdo it! If you put too much lights - your photo will be too bright. So, for example if your draft looks very bright - in HD picture it will be even more bright, so we recommend you simply to make less light in your room.

To create a HD snapshot - go to 3D mode and click on the “photo” icon on the top of the screen. You can choose absolutely any angle by rotating the camera with the left mouse button and moving the project while holding the right button.

Sometimes to make HD photo can take a while. In other words if you have taken about 50 HD pictures in about one minute and the project of which you took a picture contains a large number of different items, windows and lamps, expect that it could take about couple of hours or even more. The duration of each HD snapshot is individually different. You do not have to sit and wait for each HD snapshot, you can continue working on your project and later on you will find ready HD pictures in your Profile in field “Snapshots”.

If you have troubles with making HD snapshots - do not hesitate to contact us via Support.

Good luck!
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