Planner 5D for open minded education

Use Planner 5D to visualize your tasks. A tool for implementing
homework tasks or group projects. Design your dream home
using math, aesthetics and creativity

Works perfectly with Google Chromebook

Inspires to learn & create

Use Planner 5D as a tool to express, create and share. Let pupils understand math through visuals, create their ideas intuitively and learn from each other.

Use it as a tool which allows to easily develop aesthetics & sense of depth.

Unlimited possibilities

Had fun time at drawing lesson? Scan or take a photo of your paintings and decorate your room in Planner 5D or even create a digital exhibition.

Sounds amazing? You can even look around in Virtual Reality on our Android app.

Works on any device!

We talk about Android, Apple and Windows devices, but the best part is that you don’t have to buy fancy hardware to let children create.

It works on every web browser, without any plugins or installation.

What Planner5D can be used for?

STEM Classes

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics. With Planner 5D you can learn things that are taught in schools, but learn and apply them interactively.

Interior design basics

With the help of Planner 5D you can learn the basics of interior design. 3000+ of interior objects to choose from for individual taste and unlimited combination!

Art Classes

Put your creativity to work! Planner 5D provides basic art information such as color combinations, creativity, planning, sketching and painting. But it’s all digital and in one place.

Architecture & Engineering

Different measurements, floor planning, accuracy, all combined with Planner 5D. Learn the basics of architecture and engineering. Develop an interest for knowledge in this field.

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