5 Easy Tips To Improve Your Bedroom Interior Design

04.08.2015 14:55:56
Your bedroom should be a place for you to relax and unwind and should it never be an afterthought. However, it is common for people to over-clutter their bedrooms with items and strong colours that have less than a soothing effect on our minds even though it is important that we make our sleeping environment as appealing and as comfortable as possible. So in order to achieve that, here are some bedroom makeover tips to help you to renovate and revamp your home.

1. Freshen Up

Nothing is fresher than a home you have just spring cleaned. It should not also be an annual clean, it is important to clean every other weeks to ensure you rid of bacteria and freshen up your bedroom, the more thorough the better. Bring the outdoors inside with open windows, fresh plants and plenty of natural light. Adding calming aromas to your room such as lavender will help you to relax. You can also engage and relax all your senses by using rooms sprays, pillow mists and candles.
2. Use Good Quality Bed Linen

When choosing colours, consider tones that make you feel comfortable and complement all soft furnishings within the room. Seeing as we spend a third of our life in bed, it is important to invest in some good quality bedding that will give you a good feeling. It is worth investing in high quality natural fibres and soft underlays as they will all enhance your perfect bedroom rest.


3. Think of Lighting

Lighting is vital. You should have an access to a range of different light sources. Overhead lighting is the most popular but it should ideally have a dimmer function installed. Next, side lamps, these prove practical when reading but also if you have different settings these can provide a warm glow to enhance and create a calmer mood. A corner lamp is a great feature as it does not need to spotlight anything which can add a warm light especially if it is low-wattage, it will give a much more gentle atmosphere. Finally, candles, they have multiple uses which prove extremely effective when creating ambience. You can use a range of different candles and scents and turn a average bedroom into a romantic and relaxing setting.

4. Add Soft Furnishings

Accessorising with cushions, rugs and throws is a great way to introduce colour, patterns and textures. There’s nothing more cosy than a soft rug when hopping out of a warm bed. Cushions are a perfect accessory for a room, and the bedroom really is the best place to have an abundance of loose cushions. You can scatter your cushions on the bed, the floor and the chairs. Cushions should also be in different colours, textures and various sizes which will really transform a space. They are an easy and inexpensive way to update the decor of your bedroom.

5. Exploit Storage Solutions

Maximise your bedroom storage. Most people would love to devote more space to storing their clothes. Organise your wardrobe with wardrobe storage solutions to keep clothes looking good and also to arrange them so they are easily accessible. Other solutions to maximise your space could include storage boxes, hanging wardrobe organisers and wardrobe shelving. It is essential to rid your bedroom of unnecessary items and pack them away conveniently, the less you have to look at the more restful the space will be.

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