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FOR EVERYONE Hello! This is an amazing design and I really love it. Here is a tip: Try posting your designs and you will get more views and likes. People really like it when they can go in and see it themselves. Trust me it works. I do have one request please if any of you can: Can you build me a small but not to small cozy beach house or country house please. I do not like pink and I will like a dog and humans in please. I LOVE music and I am a singer and gamer. And please can you post this so I can have it. Thank you so much and Have a nice day you all.
2022-09-14 14:25:55
for design
I am very pleased that this project impressed you. And thank you very much for providing these tips, I am now using the translation I hope this does not bother you. Regarding your order I can do it for you for free, but this may take some time. Because as you know I live in another country, and the building code may vary from country to country, and I dont know exactly what the building code is in your country, such as the thickness of the walls and others, because that affects the project significantly. But you can give me some important information: Area How many floors Thickness of the walls Wall height Number of rooms Number of bathrooms Do you need parking Do you need pool Your answer to these questions is very important for project preparation, And if you have any other details let me know, and Ill be ready to set up the project.
2022-09-14 15:41:28