Rounded Corners (DB) 5049090 by Annabella Grace Lara image


I really had fun doing this design! Also, this is very random, i am going to switch to French settings on Planner 5D but you can still talk to me in English because I know how to speak it. Au revoir, à bientôt! ;D

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I love design! The lighting is stunning! I tried doing this design but it didnt work out.
2021-09-30 13:00:20
Annabella Grace Lara
je suis sûr que tu as bien fait meaning i am sure you did well
2021-09-30 17:02:14
Annabella Grace Lara
Et merci
2021-09-30 17:03:12
Why are you speaking French?
2021-10-07 12:22:54
Annabella Grace Lara
Parce que japprends le Français beacsue i am learning french
2021-10-07 15:33:15
Thats good! And same, I tutored a French Boy and that is basically my second language.
2021-10-07 18:25:07
Annabella Grace Lara
2021-10-08 06:38:55