Also known as "I have way too much time on my hands". Each stair step and handrail was individually built and placed. I was playing around in creating paneling and a curved wall.

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2020-07-11 22:40:46
Yup! i am going to copy this!
2020-07-15 15:42:44
Ho my good
2020-07-16 13:51:22
Sadie Auciello
hi, your project is amazing!! I have a question - how do you make a wall underneath the stairs and not make it go through the stairs???
2020-07-29 00:09:05
Sadie Auciello
Amazing by the way!
2020-07-29 00:09:14
Hi Sadie. The angled wall is a cube that is rotated (you can create a cube and then, in 3D mode, rotate it in 3 dimensions by holding the shift key and then rotating).
2020-07-29 21:30:53
And thank you!
2020-07-29 21:31:01

Grand Foyer 5

Von DesignKing 2020-07-10 06:47:35