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This is my Peacock Kitchen! It It green and blue. There is an oven and sink. There is a bright green lights for lighting.

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Stuffed Animal
Awesome lighting! I love the peacock feather!
2020-11-23 23:48:38
Amanpreet Kaur
nice Floor :-)
2020-12-01 12:11:34
Wild Doggy
Thank you!!
2020-12-01 12:17:58
Love the green look, The flooring is so pretty.
2020-12-02 02:07:37
Wild Doggy
Thank you!
2020-12-02 11:59:31
LIKE! Salvatore's Design
Hey did you download that peacock texture into the program?
2020-12-02 16:15:26
Wild Doggy
No, I got it on Google.When you go to my projects go to All textures, then you hit Upload image and picture which image you want. I got it on Google. Search Peacock Texture and go to images and it the fourth one on the right.
2020-12-02 16:40:08
Wild Doggy
* and pick which picture you want. Sorry!
2020-12-02 16:53:44
Wild Doggy
Thanks for the question!!
2020-12-02 16:53:55
Wild Doggy
2020-12-02 16:54:04

Peacock Kitchen

Von Wild Doggy 2020-10-17 14:41:05