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this is so ugly i don't like it 0/0 *insert throw up emoji*
2020-09-01 23:17:33
well thats rude
2020-09-11 04:42:42
lol i was just kidding i love it even i cant build like that
2020-09-12 00:48:20
i mean if i could build like that i would roast the *BAD WORD* out of her/his build
2020-09-12 00:49:12
Micaela Maccaferri
Don't worry Vinnie or whatever your name is. If you like this app just a little practice and soon you will be able to build like this too ... it's just a game!
2020-09-12 09:41:13
I love the house
2020-09-16 18:01:59
I love bulinding
2020-09-16 18:02:20
i love this will you please build me one also how do you pose your houses?
2020-10-05 23:32:44
Micaela Maccaferri
Thanks a lot Lily, but exactly, what can I do for you?
2020-10-06 17:04:13

Vacanze Mediterranee 2020

Von Micaela Maccaferri 2020-08-30 17:16:35