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Hi, Jessica. I'm in love with your design projects. They are awesome especially those which were designed for small apartments. There are so many beautiful details so I can see them for hours, great work! I started using Planner5D since I wanted to design my own apartments but all I've done by now is absolutely incomparable with what you do. So I took a breath and decided to ask you for help if it is possible of course. How much does your work usually cost? I've already drawn a base apartment layout with exact dimensions in Planner5D. Probably this kind of layout is quite straightforward for you and is not so interesting to make a design for. But anyway I would appreciate you for any help. Thank you in advance.
2016-08-26 19:31:50
Jedi Immanuel
Wow, Jessica! This is amazing, I love all your work. -Jedi
2019-11-24 00:02:51


Von Jessica 2016-07-13 10:46:26