Farmhouse No. 106 ... Agroturismo No. 106 ... 58050 by Siegfried Peter image

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Granja en las montañas de Europa central ...! Farmhouse in the mountains of Central Europe ...! Ferme dans les montagnes d'Europe centrale ...! Агротуризм в горах в Центральной Европе ...! Casă în munții din Europa Centrală ...! Casa Rural nas montanhas de da Europa Central ...!

Kommentare (2)
The houses of Europe are better than elsewhere, it is more because of our history there are others. I love my country and especially Europe.
2015-02-11 13:21:14
Siegfried Peter
Hello and thank you Jessica. Yes, so are old houses here in the mountains and the countryside. Each country has its architecture. Was an idea to plan a house like this. Many greetings S. P.
2015-02-11 14:24:01