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The foundation of the house was made for me by Ella as part of a challenge. Since I immediately saw a fantasy in it, I made it. I didn't touch the prepared base , I just made the interior layout. I recorded most of the household appliances and objects. So when moving a house , the least things need to be packed or secured. For example , the toilet brush, the toothbrush cup is fixed. In the kitchen , the storage boxes are divided into compartments that contain mugs, plates, spice racks. The flowers are also fixed on the chests of drawers with this solution. There is a lot of storage in the house. For example, there is storage under the corner banch in the kitchen. There are two beds in the attic, so it can comfortably accommodate four people. Dear Ella , I hope you like it.

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omg, this is INCREDIBLE! you are so so so so talented! I can’t get over the fact of how good it is!
2021-05-08 19:34:38
wow you made it work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are so so so so so talented!!!!!!!!! mine will be done by tomorrow or tonight!
2021-05-08 19:53:54
can you tell me only where you got the window boxes?
2021-05-08 19:56:00
Thank you Mia
2021-05-08 20:30:18
Thank you Ella
2021-05-08 20:32:28
2021-05-08 22:43:44
gabes tomorrow mia is going to be the judge and she gets to say who is the winner of the challenge!
2021-05-09 02:10:13
so do you know the loser in the challenge has to make a house for the winner
2021-05-09 15:05:07
Oh ! Ok , no problem
2021-05-09 15:12:05
Just don't have a deadline.
2021-05-09 15:12:47
2021-05-09 15:48:08
Hi gabes! I’m going to judge your project now then chose a winner! Ok so I love your project and the pops of colours, the layout is really good but I don’t really know how the tv would stay in place even with the thing that it’s attached to! I love the bathroom you’ve made and that corner sink is lovely and really thought out! I’m not a ,as dive fan over the yellow tiling but that’s just my personal opinion all tough it does work really well! I love the landscaping you’ve done and all of the storage you’ve put in too! It’s a really well thought out design! I’d rate your design an 8/10! That being said you’ve won! Well done!
2021-05-09 16:12:02
2021-05-09 16:13:41
that’s meant to say I’m not a massive fan over the yellow tiling, sorry I didn’t read back through and see that!
2021-05-09 16:13:44
can you tell me what you would like for your house?
2021-05-09 16:17:30
Oh thank you very much Mia! Thanks for the precies opinion, I appreciate it. I'm glad the competition was so tight. Congratulations to Ella because she deseves it too.
2021-05-09 16:21:41
I will start your house tonight and I think it will be done in like 3 weeks or less because it is on the smaller side! I am very excited!
2021-05-09 16:41:07
I have to go because it is mothers day!
2021-05-09 16:44:42
2021-05-09 16:47:57
Ok Ella, thanks
2021-05-09 18:10:10
Thank you G
2021-05-09 18:10:31
can you make up a competition for me and you to do?
2021-05-09 19:39:29
there is a contest I am doing so you can join the layout is posted and read the description!
2021-05-10 01:16:22
WOW !? IT'S SOOO AMAZING!! do u make it by hand the pot at the window?!
2021-05-11 01:06:34
this is beautiful!
2021-05-12 03:15:08
I just want to ask are you having problems loading your projects?? I can't work on any projects and if you can, can you send a message to security@planner5d.com for more complaints about this so they fix it because mia is having problems sending renders to the gallery! thanks you this will help I have sent 4 messages and amv sent 2 or 3 already!
2021-05-12 16:09:51
are u doing the challenge this week
2021-05-13 23:29:21
it is to late!
2021-05-14 15:10:13
I think today is judging
2021-05-14 15:10:26
Hi Tessa! I'm not attending now. I didn't have time to deal with this. Maybe I can take part in the next one.
2021-05-14 16:37:05
2021-05-14 16:38:13
2021-05-15 15:36:55
I posted the challenge layout!! It's a small apartment!1
2021-05-16 14:42:23
Ellery Marrison
OMG, awesome house I have a ? for you. What was your insparation? you are talented.
2021-05-27 00:57:40
Thank you
2021-05-29 12:37:14