St. Valentine's is coming...

Design bedroom for Valentine's day!

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Designer Queen.

i love everything about it so ellegint and moddern and staylish i love it so amazing how you araneged everything in the wall rack

2021-02-08 10:37:20
User 20244259

thank you

2021-02-08 10:37:55

I like it! Thank you for your comment, your project is modern and elegant, it's so cool! Good luck!! ;)

2021-02-08 12:15:13
User 20244259

Thank you, I am glad you like it.

2021-02-08 12:16:13

Very nice design. I like the layout of the bed template, You have very nicely chosen and combined the same ornament on several elements. This is great. in general, you made an effort to equip the shelf on the wall. Great.

2021-02-08 12:56:52
User 20244259

Thank you.

2021-02-08 12:57:49
Born to be Wild

Hey thanks a ton for your comments. I really like the space you have created with the black/white /hot pink theme. The shelf looks so cool , great effort !!

2021-02-08 13:05:35
User 20244259

thank you.

2021-02-08 13:11:13

i love the bed especially the part where you used the heart candles as a logo very clever. it must have taken a long time to put all the items on the wall. i would have put some more plants.

2021-02-08 14:24:13
User 20244259

Nope, only took 5 mins. I was considering putting more plants in but thought it would be too cluttered. Thank you.

2021-02-08 14:25:36

wow!!!!!! i love the pinks and the storage on the wall opposite the bed!!!!! so cool and creative! thanks for the comment on my project :-)

2021-02-08 14:31:05
User 20244259

thank you!

2021-02-08 14:31:32
Dragon girl

I really like the color. The vanity is beautiful. i like how you put the heart chair there, and the shelf above it is unbelievably cool! Also tysm for your comment.

2021-02-08 14:36:13
User 16004304

2021-02-08 14:37:33
User 20244259

thank you.

2021-02-08 15:08:27

Uh, this is absolutely Awesome. I love the color scheme you went for. I love the reddish, hot pink vibe! I love your shelving area. It is really cute, and overall, I think this is an amazing project. Good luck on the contest!

2021-02-08 15:15:30
User 20244259

thank you, you too!

2021-02-08 15:16:27

Hi, i love how you considered all the little details and match the colors! Check out mine, if you like!

2021-02-08 15:19:33
User 12006058

2021-02-08 15:19:46
User 12006058

2021-02-08 15:21:10
User 20244259

Thank you. I tried adding a bit of red but it really clashed so i left it out.

2021-02-08 15:23:08
User 12006058

2021-02-08 15:23:44
User 12006058

2021-02-08 15:24:51
User 20244259

wow that is so clever. Thank you for letting me know.

2021-02-08 15:26:30
User 15281715

2021-02-08 15:33:15
User 20244259

Thank you.

2021-02-08 15:33:52
Hall Pat

Bonito diseño, moderno y romántico, me encantan esas baldas con tantos detalles :D

2021-02-08 15:44:25
User 20244259

Thank you.

2021-02-08 15:45:17

Hi, thanks for your comment. I really like your design. I love the black and white with accents of red/pink. I think the big shelf is too big and it doesn't match with the design. Other than that, I think you did a very nice job.

2021-02-08 16:09:30
User 20244259

ok, thank you.

2021-02-08 16:10:13

I still do really lik eyour design though.

2021-02-08 16:10:42

*like your*

2021-02-08 16:11:05
User 20244259

thanks so much, same here;)

2021-02-08 16:11:12

WUW, the pink takes me back in time to when my bedroom had pink walls. I think next time you should try a less bright shade of pink. Other than that it's great! I love how you managed to fill up the shelves! AND OMG, IS THAT BEAR HOLDING A HEART PILLOW?! ps, I think you forgot to delete something in the closet.

2021-02-08 16:30:58
User 20244259

ok thank you for pointing that out! I think it's actually part of the cupboard.

2021-02-08 16:32:35
User 20244259

I was also thinking about doing a less bright pink but i loveeeee bright pink so decided to go with it. But i also put in a lighter shade on the cushions...

2021-02-08 16:44:04
Potato chip

Thank you for your comment. Your room looks very nice. I like the black, white and pink colors.

2021-02-08 17:17:43
User 20244259

thank you.

2021-02-08 17:18:01

Thank you so much for your comment, and I love this! To me this is a whole new take on Valentine's, and the result is just stunning. The hot pink adds a great pop to the color scheme. I love how you filled every single cubicle of the shelf, and the result is definitely worth it. You totally deserve to win this challenge.

2021-02-08 17:19:08
User 20244259

thank you so so much!!!!

2021-02-08 17:19:40
User 20244259

I'm so happy because i don't celebrate valentines so the challenge was hard for me this week so i am glad that you think this could be a winning design!

2021-02-08 17:22:57

thanks for the comments on my design. I hope that with the lights in the room it will brighten up in the renders. Love the pink accents in this design the white and pink complement each other very well. the only thing I think is to much are the curtens, its a little to buzzy for my taste

2021-02-08 17:35:43

super modern and eclectic design! love the details. check out mine if you'd like; it is on page 104 :)

2021-02-08 17:36:02
User 20244259

ok, thank you

2021-02-08 17:36:24
User 20244259

will do michel

2021-02-08 17:36:58
Naruto uzumaki Dattebayo

I love it really good visit mine on page 99

2021-02-08 18:11:44
User 20244259

i already have

2021-02-08 18:48:51
User 20181456

2021-02-08 19:44:05
User 20244259

wow thank you, i am so happy you like it!

2021-02-08 19:47:15
User 12006058

2021-02-08 21:01:29
User 12006058

2021-02-08 21:03:13
User 20244259

Wow that looks great. Thanks for sharing!

2021-02-08 21:59:13
Anonymous ◑﹏◐

It's very nice, I love the pink/red and black theme and clearly, the beehive themed shelf looks like it took awhile so extra credit I love it!

2021-02-08 23:52:19

I LOVE IT!!!! It is so amazing. The bookshelf that is hanging is so cool!! You deserve to win!! Please check out mine

2021-02-09 00:18:23

Wow I Love this if you would like to see mine its on the last page

2021-02-09 00:50:43

OMG!! You did so so good please check mine on page 23

2021-02-09 02:34:13
Kyla Swetlik

OMG this is literally amazing like whattt lol i love how the bright pinkish red really stands out and where you put all of your things, it all comes together so well. great job!

2021-02-09 04:05:27
Sarah K.

Wow, your bedroom Is AMAZING!!! great job! I really love the pink red combo, its great! If I can, ill vote for you:) and btw tnx for your comment and feedback!

2021-02-09 07:39:39
User 20244259

Thank you everyone!!!

2021-02-09 09:11:35
Milica G.

Hi! The room is really cute, very girly. I love the combination of white, black and bright pink combined with large graphic prints in b/w. The honeycomb shelve looks great, I'm sure it was fun to decorate it and the result is awesome.

2021-02-09 10:08:08

thank you dream designs for your comment on my project

2021-02-09 10:18:37
User 20244259

wow, thank you.

2021-02-09 10:50:14
User 20244259

I'll try and look at all of yours, if i don't please remind me!!!!

2021-02-09 11:09:27
✨g r a c e✨

dang, this is so AMAZING !! great job @DreamDesigns ;) !! I love the wallpaper you used and the organization, this is amazing !! you made my jaw drop !

2021-02-09 12:54:37
User 20244259

thank you!

2021-02-09 13:10:13

Хороший проект. Первое, что заслуживает внимание-это креативная полочка!)))) Понравилась текстура пола, рисунок абстракция стены и штор. К сожалению я не люблю розовый. В своём проекте я рискнула использовать , но с серым отливом.

2021-02-09 13:11:56
User 20244259

Thank you

2021-02-09 13:13:55

This looks great!

2021-02-09 13:28:39
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2021-02-09 14:28:31
User 6292819

2021-02-09 15:09:19
User 12006058

2021-02-09 15:18:26

I love it! Amazing and thank you for your comment:)

2021-02-09 15:21:09
User 20244259

thank you

2021-02-09 15:38:43

Wow, very lovely design! I really like the shelves you put together and all of the small decor in it, it is very unique! Also thank you for your comment and good luck!

2021-02-09 16:09:42
User 20244259

Thank you!

2021-02-09 16:12:50
Chantel Emond

Ohh my this is amazing. I love the colour chooses and I especially love the interlocking heart on the bed

2021-02-09 16:36:49
User 20244259


2021-02-09 16:59:52

Thanks for your comment

2021-02-10 02:33:18

Hey @Dream Designs ;) Your design looks really cute and the neon pink glows all around. Nice layout and I loved the dressing wall :)

2021-02-10 08:33:07
User 20244259

thank you.

2021-02-10 10:26:10

Hi, thanks for your comment. I love the colors you used and the pattern of the accent wall and the curtains. But my favorite of all are the shelves, they are just fantastic!

2021-02-10 12:22:01
User 20244259

Thank you.

2021-02-10 12:25:01

Wow! I love how you made it look modern, but also very valentines-y.

2021-02-10 13:40:46
Ellie ;)

I love it! the detail and the amount of craft you put into space! Check mine out!

2021-02-10 14:22:39
User 20244259

Thank you. Will do!

2021-02-10 15:33:20

I love the shelf. The colors look good and they match. The look is so cohesive. I like the modern/ yearly 2000's take of Valentine's day. You can tell the theme is valentines day. Great formatting and I like how you incorporated the accessories into the piece. You have to teach me how to make that shelf. Check out my work by clicking on my name, make sure to comment!

2021-02-10 16:37:35

i love it and the shelf really catches the eye and pulls u in

2021-02-10 16:38:56

It's really nice and I like how you put stuff on the shelves and didn't leave them plain!

2021-02-10 16:42:59
User 20244259

Thank you!

2021-02-10 17:04:21

its a very elegant room, with so much romance. i love it. plz check mine out by clicking on my name

2021-02-12 13:30:04
User 20244259

Thank you. Will do.

2021-02-12 14:06:45

i really love it i look so pretty wow good job

2021-02-14 04:01:11

Ya you right

2021-02-14 05:53:25
Lisbeth Gaitan

Really nice!, btw I say about from the bee thing holder would be smaller and it almost takes the whole wall.

2021-02-28 20:48:11

love it

2021-03-18 19:22:46

I love your room, It is very pretty. I like how the bright neon pink makes great accents and makes the room pop. If you would like you can check out my projects and my most recent project, Luxurious bedroom. Thank you have a great day/ Night!!!!!! ( btw im 12 keep all comments you make kid freindly)

2021-05-12 15:33:45
User 20244259

thanks and of course i will - i am 11

2021-05-12 15:41:32


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2021-07-20 13:28:24
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2021-07-20 13:37:53