Winter Color Palette for Your Home

Embrace the winter season with a new winter color palette. Make your home a winter wonderland with these helpful tips.

Get your home winter color ready
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The great thing about the changing seasons is the changing color palette. With the arrival of winter, there is a whole new color scheme to fall in love with. As the days get darker and the weather gets colder it's natural for us to start finding ways for us to make our home even cozier - and this doesn't just have to be by adding pillows and throws, although that always helps.

Whether you would like to add some small colorful elements to celebrate the season or want to change your home's overall color scheme, we have the perfect inspiration for you. Here is the breakdown of trendy winter colors dominating the season.

The psychology of color

One of the most important things to remember about color is how powerful it is. You may recall our post about the psychology of colors, and this concept is relevant not only in dealing with seasonal colors but with color palettes in general.

Aligning your home's color scheme with the changing seasons makes complete sense. Doing this allows us to adapt our homes and our lives to the changes happening in the outside world so we can better enjoy our homes. Whether you add a few colorful accessories or look into changing the palette in your entire home, there are many ways to create a winter color scheme. With that in mind, let's get started.

Make it red

Red is a powerful color which makes it a great addition to productive spaces. However, red is also associated with winter and Christmas for obvious reasons. Think Santa Claus, cranberries and apples. It provides a great depth to your home and doesn't just have to come in the form of Christmas decorations.

Winter home decor
Add some winter red | Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

If you plan on updating your color scheme, red may be a great choice for you in certain areas over winter. We all know that over Thanksgiving and Christmas - as well as during the winter season in general, we tend to overindulge. So, why not use red in areas such as your kitchen or dining room? It promotes hunger and increases appetite so it will work well in these rooms.

bed decorated for Christmas
Make it festive | Ayman alakhras/Shutterstock

This season is a time when we usually spend time with our loved ones and using red in your home may actually work in your favor as it promotes conversation and comfort. If you want to add a touch of red in other areas of your home that aren't related to eating, think about placing some pillows in various shades of red on your sofa, or increase the comfort levels with pillows and throws. If you want to be even more prepared, start thinking about Christmas decorations which means you can add red to your home as well as stay on trend for the festivities.

Go for winter green

Green is also a dominant winter color for many of the reasons that red is. It reminds us of the natural world as well as things such as holly and Christmas trees. It is a positive shade and evokes feelings of balance and growth. As it evokes a feeling of nature it is the perfect shade for small apartments.

The versatility of green means that it can work in almost any area of your home. It creates a sense of calm so it would work amazing in the bedroom and living room - spaces where we imagine that we would like to spend most of the winter. With its varying shades, you are bound to find the perfect fit for you and your home, whether you want to paint the walls all one shade or contrast between various shades of this beautiful color.

Green blankets and pillows
Go for green accents of comfort | FotoHelin/Shutterstock

If you don't want to get the paintbrushes out, there are numerous other ways you can incorporate green into your interior. With winter being the season of comfort, your automatic thought is blankets, throw pillows and other accessories of comfort and while they are all well and good (you could even mix and match with red!) there are other avenues you can take to add this color.

Candles are a great winter accessory as they create a great ambiance in any room. If you are throwing a dinner party, think about scattering some green candles on the table. It's an easy and simple way to add a pop of green to your living area for the same effect.

Christmas tree in living room.
Get a green Christmas tree | Sven Brandsma / Unsplash

With green being a recurring color in nature, you can also add some natural additions to your interior to bring this color into your home. As winter includes the Christmas season, you can always go the easy route with a green Christmas tree. While real trees look and smell amazing, fake ones will do this just as well. Green flowers and plants will work just as well and add a touch of nature to your home.

Add warm brown

While reds and greens are always popular during winter and the holidays, so are the warm browns. Brown is a relaxing and comforting color, which makes it a great choice to use at home - especially during winter. When used correctly, brown evokes a sense of coziness, which is what we all need during these colder months.

Brown is usually associated with a more traditional design style. While it gives us those rustic and farmhouse vibes, it can work in any type of home. It is a great color to use in the kitchen and for furniture. Brown is the most common color of wood, so if you want to add this color, it is not limited to the kitchen and definitely not limited to furniture.

Beautiful living room interior with fireplace and armchairs
Create warmth with browns | New Africa/Shutterstock

As brown is a warm color, it's obvious that it would work well in a living area or a bedroom. During winter we strive for warmth. As brown can evoke positive feelings it's a great addition to any home. Brown leather or fabric sofas, brown walls painted in comforting shades, or even wallpaper with brown accents are just some of the ways you can add this warmth.

Cozy winter interior design
Brown tones | Ground Picture/Shutterstock

If you have any architectural features that you can highlight in your home then brown can also come into play here. Brown vaulted ceilings create a rustic atmosphere - which isn't only limited to cottages. However, the ultimate winter vibe would come in the form of a wood-burning fireplace with brown wooden logs. If you can, draw on these features and bring them to the center for the ultimate winter color palette.

Mix it with black and gray

While darker colors like black and gray may not be considered a smart move for a season that is generally darker than others, it can work if used correctly. The power of these darker colors - especially black, is that they work with everything and can be incorporated into any interior. While black is mysterious and powerful, gray is calming and secure, and when used together (or separately) can really transform any room.

If you were opting to change the color scheme of any of your rooms, black may be a great choice as it can be used as the perfect canvas or backdrop to make other things in the room pop. Think about other winter colors that can be paired with a black wall. This can include faux white fur cushions, red velvet blankets, or green candles spread around a room. These elements really come to the forefront thanks to the power of a black backdrop.

luxury interior decor black wall with white brick fireplace
Add a dark color palette | Margaret Gus/Shutterstock

The same can be said for gray. This classic color looks great in living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms alike. It can be paired or mixed with any type of accessory from beautiful light features, to dramatic, colorful additions such as paintings or even plants. Another great thing about black and gray is that they draw light into a room and open up the space, which may work in your favor throughout the darker winter months.

Warm inviting interior with gas log fireplace
Add black and gray accents | Jodie Johnson/Shutterstock

As always, changing the color scheme is not the only way you can embrace these colors. As most accessories and decor come in darker hues you are bound to find something that works for you. If you have an all-white interior you may want to add black furnishings for a monochromatic vibe.

To create a more lively interior with color everywhere, black or gray can help to tone it down and add extra depth to the room. Carpets, cushions, blankets, lighting fixtures, chairs, shelves, bookcases, canvases, paintings, or wallpaper - the list is endless. You name it, and you can find it in a darker shade which means more options for you to add to your interior over winter.

Keep it neutral

Neutral colors go with every style and decor. These shades are associated with comfort and can be a safe and stylish option. Neutrals are simplistic and are the go-to for minimalist interiors as they are always welcome in any area of the home. Neutral colors are tranquil, clean and sleek, which makes them perfect for the cold winter days when all you want to do is snuggle up.

Cozy winter decor
Keep it neutral | Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

When in doubt, paint the walls of your living area cream or white. You can then use it as a blank canvas and add layers of comfort through pillows, furniture and decor. While painting might seem like an easy choice, you don't have to get so hands-on to enjoy the benefits of a neutral palette.

Make it cozy and warm | Followtheflow/Shutterstock

Mix and match the neutral shades in your decor with other winter patterns like plaid, stripes and fur. Once you have your palette chosen the opportunities are endless. Select furniture, wall art and wallpaper in any neutral tone then add texture and depth to any room. Like blacks and greys, neutral colors tend to work great with most other colors.


As you can see, with every season comes a new and interesting color palette that you can use as inspiration. Whether you want to be adventurous and try the latest trends or you want to be safe and go with the traditional, tried and tested. There is a great winter color palette for you to choose from.

We hope this post has inspired your creativity and offered inspiration for your next home project. Go ahead and incorporate some winter colors into your home. You can always use Planner 5D to test the look before you do any actual work.

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