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Studio apartments are typically a small apartment where the bedroom and living room become one space.

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How to build the Iron Man Garage in Planner 5D

Which superhero has the coolest house? It’s hard to say, but Iron Man’s is one of them. With its wide windows and intriguing shape, his mansion is both unusual and impressive. And Iron Man’s workshop is no exception.


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Home Bar Ideas That Will Make You Happy To Stay In the House

A home bar is one of the most exciting interior projects. It’s intended for relaxation, entertainment, and enjoyment. It also gives you a place to keep your favorite spirits, wines, and mixers.There’s a home bar setup for any interior. It doesn’t have to be a full-fledged bar; you can even repurpose old furniture items. Whether you live in a single room or a mansion, we’ll show you how to incorporate this luxury. So pour yourself your favorite drink, get comfy, and read on to find the best home bar ideas.


Huge update rolling out for Planner 5D for Android

By popular request, we have updated some features for room walls. WALL THICKNESS - now you can change the wall thickness and walls will look better - with proper joints. At this time, the wall improvements are only available on Android (this feature will come to other platforms soon).



Last week we figured out how to revive your old walls and make them look clean and fresh again. Now when you have your beautiful new canvas we can start filling it and create a real piece of art.


4 Ways to Move Big Objects Easily

Moving big objects brings problems, therefore, we've gathered 4 simple means to transfer large pieces yourself without any help. Check them out!  


10 Interior Designs from Famous Films

Have you ever given thought that an interesting story with good picture is much more moving? Let us share with you 10 exceptional interior designs from best-selling films.


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