Planner 5D Online Interior Design Course

Learn about interior design with our online course. Here is how.

Planner 5D Online Interior Design Course
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Creating stylish and comfortable interiors is a creative process that can become a rewarding career. While many of our users are happily designing their dream homes, others start as amateurs who become budding designers and pursue careers in this field.

We want our users to learn with us. To help everyone with their journey, we offer our users all the tools they need to create beautiful interiors and elevate their understanding of interior design. One of those tools is an online course that covers all the design basics. Users can learn about interior design, practice their interior design skills and build up their skill set.

Who should take the course?

While many people know they want to become interior designers, others have no idea whether creating home interiors for others is something they want to do for a living. There are many interior design courses, but if you’re unsure if this field is right for you, start with our online course.

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It’s a great way to learn what interior design is about and decide whether it’s a field for you. And if you’re already familiar with interior design, this is a great refresher course.

What you’ll learn

The course has nine modules focusing on different aspects of interior design. You can complete the course at your own pace and learn as you go. Learn the difference between interior designs and decorators, the different interior design styles, how to create mood boards, where to place furniture and lighting and more.

After each module, you’ll complete a short quiz and receive a certificate of completion when you’ve finished the course. You can also get feedback from qualified instructors and assess your progress.

Course overview

Let's take a look at each of the modules in the course.

  • Introduction to Interior Design: An overview of interior design basics. This module is free for everyone to try.
  • Space Planning: Learn about creating functional spaces and how to utilize them to create efficient interiors.
  • Ergonomics: Learn all about ergonomics, guidelines and standards and why they are important for creating functional and comfortable spaces.
  • Design Styles: Most popular design styles are explained. Learn how to implement their elements in your projects.
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  • Colors and Finishings: All about color theory, how color affects our moods and minds, and what to consider when choosing colors.
  • Selecting Furniture: Learn about popular furniture styles and where to place different pieces and arrange them for maximum impact.
  • Lighting: Everything you need to know about lighting, from how to determine how much light you need to different sources and where to place them in different rooms.
  • Decor: Decor is an important part of any interior design. Learn how to select different decor items based on individual preferences.
  • Visual Communication: Learn how to visualize your ideas and communicate them with others.

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