Articles about Outdoor ideas

Your home exterior can be just as important as the interior!

Find elegant outdoor design ideas to create a beautiful space to be proud of.

5 Amazing Celebs’ Houses: Part 1

We know their names and watch every step they take. Let's take a look at homes that belong to Kardashian & West, Rihanna, DeGeneres, Oprah and Johnny Depp.


10 Home Interior Twitter Channels to Follow

Our selection of TOP 10 Twitter channels on interior design that are definitely worth attention. Follow & enjoy!


15 Amazing Swing Chairs

Imagine - you with a good book in your hands enjoying the sun's beams in a swing chair. A dream. Live it with us.


12 Hot Tubs That Will Make You Wish It’s Friday

If your office seat feels rigid and the air is stiff, click here and let us carry you away right to a hot tub with a terrific view, enjoy!


Newbie in interior or home design technology? No worries, we’ve got it covered for you.

Whether you are a homeowner willing to renew or create a unique home or a seasoned interior designer, realtor or retailer, 5D Planner is an ideal free tool for you to perfect your designing skills and easily shape your home decoration.


Should You Choose Framed Or Frameless Glass Pool Fencing?

If you have made the decision to erect glass pool fencing around your swimming pool, you may have quickly realised that the decisions aren’t over.


What Should I Know About Grouting My Stone Pavers?

Regardless of whether you are laying stone pavers inside or outside the home, you will need to ensure that they are properly grouted (if you aren’t laying them flush together). Not only will grout ensure that the area has a polished finish, it will help to hold the pavers in place and prevent them from becoming damaged.


DIY: Making Backyard Hanging Shelves

Give your backyard fence a boost with these easy, colorful hanging shelves


6 Quick-Change Boosts for a Spring Patio

Enjoy your outdoor room more with these enhancements that are easy, impactful and kind to your budget.


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