Articles about Offices

Office design should be focused on creating a private and organized space to build healthy working habits.

Check out some design ideas here.

15 Super Interior Design Magazines to Follow

A list of quality interior design magazines to follow and get inspiration from. Don't miss!


How to Benefit Financially from a Partnership with Planner 5D?

The partnership with Planner 5D is a financially beneficial action. Since many of you know too little about it, grab some info and come on board to earn.


7 Things to Consider for a Successful Office

7 essential aspects to consider in order for people to feel really good at work and at the same time the office to look great.


10 Home Interior Twitter Channels to Follow

Our selection of TOP 10 Twitter channels on interior design that are definitely worth attention. Follow & enjoy!


10 Tips to Transform Your Home into Beautiful

If big renovations are not your thing at the moment, we give you 10 guidlines how to to transform your home into beautiful.


Newbie in interior or home design technology? No worries, we’ve got it covered for you.

Whether you are a homeowner willing to renew or create a unique home or a seasoned interior designer, realtor or retailer, 5D Planner is an ideal free tool for you to perfect your designing skills and easily shape your home decoration.


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