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Lighting is a crucial element in any home. It is not only functional, but can also influence your mood, how surfaces look and the perceived size of a room.

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Planner 5D App Now Available on Mac!

Planner 5D is proud to announce a brand new Planner 5D app created exclusively for Mac! 

13.12.2017 10:31:19
500+ New Items Added to Digital Catalog!

We have awesome news! Check out over 500 new items (including roofs!) that have just been added to the Web Catalog! 

06.12.2017 16:39:24

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19.09.2017 09:57:10  |  BY Daina
Rendering Improvements

We’ve made some rendering improvements, so your HD snapshots can look even more realistic! Check out this post to see a comparison between an earlier version of an item/snapshot, and what it looks like now with improvements. 


04.09.2017 16:32:59  |  BY John S. Smith
Huge update rolling out for Planner 5D for Android

By popular request, we have updated some features for room walls. WALL THICKNESS - now you can change the wall thickness and walls will look better - with proper joints. At this time, the wall improvements are only available on Android (this feature will come to other platforms soon).


16.10.2015 11:45:08  |  BY Carol P5D

Last week we figured out how to revive your old walls and make them look clean and fresh again. Now when you have your beautiful new canvas we can start filling it and create a real piece of art.


27.08.2015 08:52:12  |  BY Carol P5D
Surprising Facts about The Largest Office in the World: Pentagon

Pentagon, the heart of U.S safety is considered to be the largest office around the world. Let's take a deeper look, why.


24.07.2015 09:15:16  |  BY Carol P5D
5 Cool YouTube Videos for DIY Home Makeover

It’s really a great fun to make a little makeover, even if it’s just a little change. Believe us, that doesn’t require much expenses, rather willingness and some effort.


21.07.2015 14:10:10  |  BY Carol P5D
10 Interior Designs from Famous Films

Have you ever given thought that an interesting story with good picture is much more moving? Let us share with you 10 exceptional interior designs from best-selling films.


15.07.2015 12:22:48  |  BY Carol P5D
5 Infographics on How to Adjust Colors in Home Interior Designing

5 beautiful infographics on how to to adjust colours in home interior creation


17.06.2015 09:07:35  |  BY Carol P5D
Donald Trump Runs for the President: Where & How He Lives?

American business magnate Donald Trump is running for America's President in 2016. Thus this is a sneak peek at his home interior.


09.06.2015 11:38:44  |  BY Carol P5D
Moroccan and Arabic Motives Inspired: 5 Key Elements to Have at Home

Arabic home interiors are of an exceptional style accompanied by a thick sense of spices and smells. Believe us, there's much to see and learn from.


05.06.2015 14:16:52  |  BY Carol P5D
10 Best Interior Design Firms to Follow on Twitter

Keepin' up with what's going on in the world - find 10 interior design firms that are doing great job and should definitely be followed on Twitter.