Interior Design Trends to Leave in 2021

Interior Design - like fashion, music, and any other art form, is constantly changing and with these changes we see things come and we see things go. Design trends are no different.

Interior Design Trends to Leave in 2021
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Interior Design - like fashion, music, and any other art form, is constantly changing and with these changes we see things come and we see things go. Design trends are no different. 2020 and 2021 were definitely big years for change and found a lot of us adapting our homes for a different way of living, however with normality returning these popular trends are seemingly ready to retire.

While many of these were popularized in the past year or so, it's time to say goodbye. Out with the old and in with new - here are some of the trends that are being left in 2021!


Although not particularly confined to 2020 or even recently, the Farmhouse aesthetic has been a heavy hitter over the past decade. There are many reasons why we are beginning to see this trend fade away but one of the biggest ones is also the simplest: overdoing it.

“Farmhouse” gained popularity as a way for homes that are nowhere near a farm - for lack of a better phrase, to add an organic feel to their interior, mainly in places like apartments. Shiplap walls, barn doors, and other trademark styles and pieces of a modern farmhouse are and always will be beautiful, however, they are becoming increasingly less popular due to them being clearly not a natural fit for the homes of the city dwellers and those in the suburbs.

While it is time to start phasing out this interior style, if you must and you want to, there are ways you can still incorporate the core principles of Farmhouse into your home. Choose rustic pieces that pair well with your new and improved interior for a contrast. Furthermore, with Farmhouse comes cosiness, however, this can be achieved with the addition of warm colours and different textures. If your home is actually located in a rural area, then use the Farmhouse vibe to your heart's content!

All-White Interiors

While the age of minimalism may never come to an end, one of its more infamous aspects just maybe. All-white interiors have often been associated with the minimalist movement and in general a crisp. sleek, and chic home, however, this clean-cut interior style has been predicted to end.

While an all-white bathroom still shines in its popularity - something about it just screaming "clean", an all-white living room or kitchen may just be a little bit outdated and playing it safe. Whilst we get the appeal of white walls opening up an interior and giving the illusion of space, as well as white cabinetry and appliances also looking clean and professional, this trend is seemingly on its way out and in its place a return to a more visually creative home with the addition of colours!

Although you don't need (or may not even have the option) to overhaul your interior entirely, there are ways you can make your all-white interior feel new. Obviously, the biggest way would be a complete remodel but adding certain elements can help you break free of an increasingly boring trend. Adding warm elements is a great start with the addition of wood hardware in the kitchen or simply changing the colour of your cabinets. In the living area, think about adding some textures and colourful fabrics. All-white can still work but the idea is to keep it alive and interesting, and by using pops of colour, natural elements or even artistic additions you will be able to achieve this.

Matching Furniture Set

We've all seen it. Whether it be in the homes of the older generation, in our family home, or our friend's, we all know someone with a matching furniture set, however, this trend that has stayed alive for generations may be finally on its way to the grave. While the appeal has always been to keep a room uniform and coordinated, this may very well be the reason that it is no longer in fashion.

We understand the inheritance of furniture, be it your grandmother's bedroom set consisting of a bedframe, dresser, wardrobe and nightstands, however, this may not be to everyone's taste, just like a coordinated living room. Things change and today modern trends have moved away from this uniformity in favour of eclectics that shows creativity and personality.

While you can always keep a sentimental piece or two, or maybe even find one you love and wish to buy, these matching furniture sets don't showcase any individuality or the style of the homeowner. A way to utilise these pieces moving forward is to mix them with pieces that have complementary colours or designs, as well as add different textures which can create depth and head towards a more complex but unique aesthetic.

Faux Additions

Over the past two years - because of the pandemic or not, we have seen a growing trend in people bringing the outdoors into their homes in order to have an addition of nature, whether they were isolating or otherwise. It is with no surprise that this love for organic elements is continuing as normality returns and people are leaving behind their want for falsities.

While technological and artistic advances have made it incredibly easy to have fake or plastic plants and flowers in your home, many people can still spot a fake - no matter how believable they are. The great thing about leaving this trend in the past is the environmental impact as we can utilise what nature provides us without pumping more pollutants into the atmosphere and adding more plastic to the planet!

Regardless of your ability to look after a plant, there are many, many options for those without a green thumb. Low-maintenance options such as snake plants and cacti provide that natural touch to your home without the need for specific light conditions and/or consistent watering. Whilst we leave the fake plants behind in 2021, let's embrace the gifts we are being given by nature as an alternative.

Asides from fake plants and flowers in the home, many people are doing away with other home additions that are manmade and embracing different types of natural elements such as stones, woods, and natural fabrics for areas of their home such as the living room, kitchen, and bathrooms - and we love to see it!

Accent Walls

The accent wall era may be coming to an end after a long period of popularity. Simply, an accent wall is a wall in a room that is painted or decorated differently than the rest as a way to make the room more interesting and lively. Classic ways to create one of these walls included paint, murals, stencils, wallpaper, stickers or even just drawing attention to an architectural point such as a fireplace, but this popular trend which has gone from strength to strength over the last decade or so may now be bordering on too distracting to move forward into the future.

Although they have always succeeded in their intention to provide a focal point in a room, now it seems they are being considered too distracting and can often overshadow other elements of the interior design or decor.

While it may be difficult to cover wallpaper, unstick stickers or even hard to let go of some personal touches you have put into your accent wall, there are ways around it. Paint can always come in handy and by covering your wall you may see your interior move towards a more cohesive design and less disjointed.

The drama of an accent wall can be added in other ways! Add pops of colour or patterns with accessories like pillows, rugs, and throws which can be changed or removed whenever needed, unlike adding an accent wall which is a big commitment to a room. Create another focal point or focal point with an interesting piece of furniture, a beautiful piece of artwork or some sentimental decor and you will find yourself forgetting all about accent walls.

Mid-Century Modern

This trend that borrows style elements from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s has been everywhere the last few years and it may well and truly be in its final days. This "Mad Men '' aesthetic which was popularised during the 40s (and has been in the mainstream ever since) is defined by its clean lines, minimal ornamentation and high functionality, however, this trend may not survive the cultural shift away from design such as this.

Often called "overplayed" it's no wonder that people are venturing away from this overdone style. While the brown furniture and organic forms in the design elements may have served their purpose in the past, many professionals are saying they are seeing a trend towards warmer and more interesting pieces.

It's not all bad news, if you love your vintage pieces then you'll be pleased to hear that these same professionals are saying how they are seeing a comeback of art deco pieces from the 40s, as well as an increase in the popularity of design and decor that includes vertical lines and bold geometric shapes - they are also seeing a rise in the investment of marble and wood, any of which would be an interesting and amazing addition to any home.

If you really must hold on to some of the Mid-Century Modern vibes in your home it's as simple as following our advice from earlier: mix and match to create cohesiveness with complementary colours and designs, as well as textures!

Whether you're moving or renovating, it is important to choose an aesthetic that is current and stylish, however, we understand that due to the nature of trends, it is up to those that follow them to implement them. The great thing about them is that they are there to take inspiration from and, in the end, it is down to you to make your house a home...however an expert opinion always helps.

As we move towards a new year, with it comes new trends and opportunities and we hope that this list can help you progress forward and avoid certain trends that we are saying goodbye to this year.

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