How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

As the weather gets colder and days get shorter, you'll going to spend a lot more time indoors. Here is how to make the best of the situation.

Cozy living room with knitted blanket on comfortable sofa
Get your home winter-ready | New Africa/Shutterstock

As fall starts to fade away and the colder winter weather rolls in, you might be thinking about getting your home ready for the change of season. The great thing about winter is that it's the perfect opportunity to stay home and get cozy. There is nothing better than enjoying the cold wintery days in the comfort of your home.

Whether you like an entire overhaul or something more subtle, it's easy to add a little bit of winter vibes to any interior. Here are some trends and tips to look out for and incorporate into your decor.

Add fabrics and soft accessories

Winter is all about comfort. As the days get shorter and the nights get darker and colder (for most of us) we find ourselves more and more in need of coziness and comfort, and that's why fabrics are an important factor when it comes to preparing your home for winter.

get your home ready for winter
Get your home ready for winter | Alisa Anton / Unsplash

You can add fabrics to your interior in a number of ways, and by doing so, you are upping the level of comfort.


Blankets are a simple way of doing this and can work in both the bedroom and living room. If you want to stay on theme for the season try flannel or checked blankets - or even Christmas-themed ones. As blankets and throws can come in all shapes, sizes and colors, it will be easy to find one that suits your taste and your home decor.

Three knitted blankets
Embrace warmth with blankets | Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

These blankets can be layered on top of one another for depth, thrown over the bed or sofa, or even rolled and stuffed in a large basket to give the visual feeling of comfort. The ideas are endless!

Pillows and throws

Another way to add fabrics to your home is through the use of soft accessories like pillows. Just like blankets, pillows can be found in all colors and sizes, and work as great visual representations of warmth and cosiness. Remember, pillows work best in odd numbers so feel free to layer these on the sofa and bed for the ultimate winter comfort vibes.

Cozy bed with different cozy pillows
Add cozy pillows | New Africa/Shutterstock

There are many different ways of adding fabrics to your interiors. In addition to soft fabrics, consider knitted chunky throws, faux fur or plushy fabrics. One of the fabrics making its way to our homes lately is a teddy bear fabric, also known as boucle. This material exudes coziness is will work great in preparing your home for the colder winter months.

Embrace your home's architectural features

An easy way to prepare your home for this season is to embrace and enhance any existing architectural features in your home. This can work in not only providing extra levels of comfort over the winter months but also increasing the visual beauty of your interior.

Vaulted ceilings

One architectural feature that is often overlooked is vaulted ceilings, as most people tend to either cover them with false ceilings or paint them in a neutral shade to brighten up the room and create a sense of more space. We say, embrace them!

Wooden bedroom with high vaulted ceiling and fireplace
Make your vaulted ceiling unique | Artazum/Shutterstock

Vaulted ceilings have become more and more unique. One great way to add a visually stunning aspect to your home is by painting them in a color of your choosing and really bringing them to the forefront. We suggest warm browns or any type of wood effect colour as this gives a warming effect and creates a visually comforting finish. This is a great way to add an impact to your home and definitely a feature point should you have guests over during the holidays.


Another architectural feature to draw attention to - if you are lucky enough to have one, is a fireplace. Be the envy of friends and family over the winter season and embrace an open fire if you are able to. More common in the countryside and suburban areas, working fires in homes are the epitome of comfort over the winter months.

A highlight in Christmas stories, movies and winter-themed imagery in general, there is something about an open fire in a home´s fireplace that gives the feeling - both aesthetically and literally, of warmth and comfort. If you have the option, use it!

opt for fake fireplace

If you're home can't accommodate a woodfire fireplace, there are many creative ways to replicate the look. Consider an electric fireplace or go with a fake one. There are many artificial fireplaces on the market designed to look and act like real ones albeit without the flames. These can come in completely decorative options or electric, halogen-type heaters that exude heat. Not a bad idea if you are feeling jealous of fireplace owners.

Make it cozy and warm with lighting

While you can always use the shimmering light from your fireplace if you're lucky enough, there are other ways to add lighting to your home to prepare for winter. As we've said, the days will get shorter and the nights darker, so it's important you and your home are ready and illuminated. This is an opportunity to enhance the comfort vibes in your home.

cozy winter lights


A simple way to do this is by changing the bulbs you have at home. Opt for soft/warm lighting bulbs in your lounge and bedroom to create a soft and comfortable atmosphere. Of course, you will need different lighting for different areas of your home should you be working or cooking, so these soft light bulbs would really only work in areas prone to relaxing, like the bedroom and living area.

tripod lamp with warm bulb
Go for warm bulbs | TG23/Shutterstock


An even simpler way of creating the perfect winter mood is with candles. Candles produce a calming glow and can add a festive element to your home during this season. Candles are great as they come in many different shapes and sizes - as well as colors, so you can place specific ones around your home to match the decor.

Burning candles on a coffee table
Add candles for instant coziness| Africa Studio/Shutterstock 

Try tealights in the bathroom, chunky, tall candles or candlesticks for the dining table, and simple candles in varying sizes for your living area. These beautiful light sources will not only add a visual appeal to your interiors but will maximize the lighting in your home.

Global inspiration

Another great way to get your home winter-ready is by trying out new things. As you will be spending more time indoors, it's a good time to try out new trends and get creative.

Global interiors are about exploring the world without leaving your home. This translates to adapting certain styles and decor from around the globe into your own home. This could be a great idea if you find yourself yearning for a vacation, want to add a memory of a past vacation or even just add something you admire from another culture or country.

pillows for lazy days
Boho chick design | micheile henderson (left)/ Unsplash

Depending on the route you want to go in and your own interior style and decor, there are a number of ways you can do this. For example, we spoke earlier about pillows being a great way to add fabric, textures and comfort to your home. Why not add pillows that incorporate designs or styles from around the globe?

You could get an actual map of the world on your pillows, or you could give a nod to a certain country you would love to visit by incorporating the style and/or language into the design. For example, use silk pillows that are popular in Asian countries.

silk pillows
Silk pillows | diplomedia/Shutterstock

Another way you can incorporate something you appreciate from around the world is through lighting. Many people have been doing just that for a long time. For example, Moroccan lamps look great if your interior is more on the Bohemian side, however, they also work well in emitting a soft glow that is perfect for those winter vibes.

Embrace traditional winter vibes

While it's not a new trend, embracing the past always seems like a part of life. The same applies to decor. Incorporating classic traditional winter decor and rustic features is a great way to prepare your home for winter. This time of year often provokes feelings of nostalgia and incorporating this type of aesthetic is the perfect way to make your home feel cozy and welcoming.

rustic winter vibes

This style is so adaptable that it can fit into any home and decor, whether you want to go the subtle route or full-on country coziness. If you have more space, you can make your kitchen and dining room the center of the home and add traditional elements such as cast-iron crockery and candles. This can also create a festive and cozy vibe - perfect for the upcoming festivities and family gatherings.

shabby chic

If you have a small apartment, you can add some plaid curtains, embroidered pillows, or even some floral elements to create a more rustic feel. While it's not a vibe for everyone, we understand how these visuals when used correctly can create a sense of warmth and family, which is exactly what this time of year is about.


The best way to get your home ready for winter is to prepare yourself mentally for the change in weather, season and overall feel this time of year. Preparing your interiors will help you get ready as well since we all need something comforting to come home to at the end of the day.

Whether you plan on cozying up by your open fire or simply snuggling with some of your pillows, winter is all about comfort. There are many ways you can create this feeling throughout your home to make the season more enjoyable. By following our tips and tricks you will find your own way to create your own little cozy kingdom to enjoy over the winter months.

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