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40 Exclusive Outdoor Patio Ideas And Designs

Summer is here, can you believe it? It’s time to get outside! If you’re lucky enough to have your own outdoor space, get out there and make the most of it with Planner 5D’s selection of patio ideas.

08.07.2020 10:58:48
35 Ideas For a Beautiful Basement You'll Want To Spend Time In

The basement might not strike you as the most glamorous of rooms. Dark and gloomy, underneath the rest of the house, it might not seem like the most inviting place. But let's change that. If you're in your home for the long term, it's worth taking the time to make it into a space you love. You could find you have a whole load of floor space you've not been using!

26.05.2020 13:16:40

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Why you should be using Planner 5D in the classroom

Designing your dream home with Planner 5D isn’t just fun – it’s a great way to learn key concepts in science, technology, engineering, and math. That’s why schools around the world are bringing the home design tool into the classroom. We take a look at how Planner 5D is helping to engage a new generation of learners.Bringing education up to date


5 Most Popular Kitchen Styles

 The team at Home Stratosphere analyzed over 900,000 kitchen designs to gain insight on kitchen features and styles. This allowed them to determine what is most popular in the world of kitchen interiors - find out the 5 most popular Kitchen Styles!


Rendering Improvements

We’ve made some rendering improvements, so your HD snapshots can look even more realistic! Check out this post to see a comparison between an earlier version of an item/snapshot, and what it looks like now with improvements. 


Huge update rolling out for Planner 5D for Android

By popular request, we have updated some features for room walls. WALL THICKNESS - now you can change the wall thickness and walls will look better - with proper joints. At this time, the wall improvements are only available on Android (this feature will come to other platforms soon).


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