We’re Launching A Free Educational Version to Help Schools Teach Art, Architecture & Engineering

With Planner 5D teachers can set group assignments and design challenges for their classes. Any teacher anywhere in the world can apply and get up to 100 free educational licenses for their students. 

We introduce an interactive learning experience that can enhance any curriculum, teach the importance of computer-based design and engineering tools, and help kids develop STEM skills. At the same time, teachers can encourage students to foster their creativity while learning basic design principles through color combinations, lighting effects, landscape design, visually appealing graphics, unique sketching, and more. Previously, this product was only available to schools as a paid product but the demand it has received and the testimonials from the users pushed us to make it free.

“We see a great future for the technology that we create and we want as many students as possible to have access to it”, Alexey Sheremetyev, Planner 5D co-founder and CPO, says. “Our goal is to help teachers encourage their students to develop creative and spatial thinking, problem-solving approach, and their unique artistic vision. We hope to make education a more immersive experience, where students can experiment and test their ideas in real-time”.

The educational version of Planner 5D provides virtually the full functionality of the app, including the immersive editor and the catalog of over 6 000 objects. Teachers can integrate the interior design software into project-based activities. Students complete their tasks and then share their work with the teachers who’d be able to see and assess these projects in their personal dashboard. Our product is available on Google Chromebook, MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. 

Take classroom learning to the next level with Planner 5D – an immersive design tool to stimulate students creatively and scientifically.

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