Planner 5D Editor’s Choice: Project of the week

We at Planner 5D love to showcase our users and their original ideas. From time to time we will pick a “Design of the week”. This time me, Alisa, an interior designer at Planner 5D, has been chosen to pick a project, and for this week's “Design of the week” we have selected this peaceful and zen design submitted by one of our users.

This week we chose this project because it is not only a great example of simple, yet modern and inspiring design, but it also shows other users there is no reason to be afraid to experiment with textures and dimensions of items in our library. Some may consider this design quite simple, but I can tell you right away that it’s very well thought out, and here is why.

When looking at the house layout, we can see that it’s all about being open. A quick overview shows that virtually everything is connected and the only actual doors that lead from the living room to the bedroom. 

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So let’s start from the front door. As you walk in, you find yourself in the hallway as a buffer area before entering the rest of the house and facing a big open area. It’s a great way to prevent you from being overwhelmed. Besides, one can leave all the staff at the door before moving forward. Though the front of the hallway does have a nice big window looking outside, the space does not seem cramped or closed off.

As you can see from the project or even just the pictures, this house design features lots of windows creating that perfect synergy between the inside and outside spaces. The house is not big, but it has enough windows to produce much natural light to make you feel spacious inside.

While walking forward, you find yourself in the kitchen and dining area that also has an easy view of the living and pool area. The kitchen is not that big and is quite simple. However, it fits in perfectly with the rest of the house and the dining area features a picnic-style table with big windows that create a sense of eating outdoors.  

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Moving along from the kitchen, we find ourselves in the living room. You can tell right away that the living room area has a heightened ceiling. Considering this is a one-story house, the heightened ceiling does a great job to give the space some architectural interest. What’s more, it visually divides it from the rest of the rooms in the house. The living room interior features a sofa and armchairs that are very close to the ground, and the design creator was most probably inspired by the traditional Japanese floor culture.

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Now let’s forget about the living room for just a moment and move on to the bedroom. It is the only area that has a closing door in this house, but that’s a very smart decision because the bedroom is connected to the bathroom and there is no door between them. So it’s wise to have at least one closing door between those areas. The bedroom looks like it has also been inspired by the traditional Japanese style, with the bed placed close to the ground. The bedroom features huge windows that provide a view of the deck and backyard.

Planner 5D Editor’s Choice: Project of the week - Articles about Apartments 4 by  image

And right behind that half wall of the bedroom, you can find a bathroom complete with all the necessities that you would need. The room features a big window letting in lots of natural light and making it possible to keep plenty of plants that require light and humidity.

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Going back to the living room, we can see that the seating area is pointed towards the outside. The wall features big accordion doors that let in a lot of natural light when closed, but when opened it feels as if the outside and inside areas are connected into a single space. Outside, you can find a big deck that spans right to the bedroom. It connects the areas with the pool. So, you can open up the accordion doors and easily walk inside and outside on hot summer days or when you have people around. 

Planner 5D Editor’s Choice: Project of the week - Articles about Apartments 6 by  image

If you’d like to see more projects like this one, you can go to our gallery.

This design might not be a fit for everyone. But you have to admit that it’s a great-looking home. I imagine that it would be a perfect space for a single person or a couple to live in. All of the areas are well thought and are designed cohesively. Draw inspiration from this project and go to create something for yourself.

Comments (4 )
I love it , but why when I make a project it doesn't look very realistic like that?
01.08.2021 18:34:52
I hope I can make a really cool one like that
01.08.2021 18:37:02
Yeah me too
01.08.2021 20:13:12
Olga Kukushkina
Sure you can! Pictures look more realistic thanks to our renders.
02.08.2021 14:15:59
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