1 Tree, 2 Tree, Red Tree, Blue Tree: Some last-minute Chrinspo (Christmas inspo) for you Grinches out there!

28.12.2019 11:25:45
You dragged the boxes out from the attic and decorated your home, but your visitors are still calling you a Grinch. What's gone wrong? Here are 5 key things to consider when adding last minute touches to your Christmas decor:

Who’s coming over?

Festive decor should be warm and practical. If you’re hosting you’ll want to have plenty of room for all of your friends and family to comfortably open gifts, eat food, and chill out. Even if you're an Ice Queen, it’s a good idea to have some space specifically dedicated to letting the kids “be kids”; maybe forgoing really delicate ornaments is best if you’re expecting a lot of mini visitors. Don’t forget that your pets will probably be a little stressed out by all the commotion as well. It might be nice to have a designated space where they can relax alone with all their favourite toys. While the holidays are a time for fun, the first priorities are safety and security!

Your favourite traditions
Traditions are what Christmas is all about. Although, by nature, traditions get very repetitive as you try to recreate the same look year after year. Your love for fake snow might just be blinding you from realizing that your Christmas look is outdated. This year, go through your old decorations and pick out the ones that really make you smile as you come across them. Keep your favourites to one side, and donate the rest (you never know whose style they might match!). Now you’ll have room to make new traditions as your family grows or as you meet new friends--change can be good!

Your home’s current style
You’ve worked hard to put your personal touch on your home. And yes, just because Santa Claus is coming to town doesn’t mean that you need to cover up your personality. But, it doesn't hurt to show a little Christmas spirit! For a lighter dusting of Christmas cheer that still lets your style shine bright, opt for a few simple statement decorations that fit in seamlessly with what’s already there while still giving a Christmassy feel. The best part is, a minimalist approach will take far less time to put up and take down after the festivities finish.

What’s trending now?
Each year as new holiday trends come out, there are tons of people who ignore them because they’re unsure of how to pull them off. This could be your year to be brave and go bold. How about switching your regular green sapling for an all-white Christmas tree? Or maybe fuschia! Remember, this is the time of year when everyone you know is likely to stop by: This is the perfect time to show off a huge restyling of your home in general, not just with Christmas touches. They’ll walk in expecting a tree and some lights and be absolutely amazed at your completely flipped design. But you’ve got to be courageous enough to pick up that paintbrush, or toss that old furniture, or whatever else it is you’ve been dreaming of all year. 
With all the above considered, you can fix up the tree and all the trimmings in no time. Your heart may just grow a few sizes this year! With limit time on your hands before guests arrive, why not try out a few options to see what works best. With a handy little app called Planner5D you can quickly create a floor plan and do a test run of all the looks you’re considering. It will save you a lot of hassle!
Ultimately, however you end up decorating your home this Christmas, may it be very merry and bright!

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