Planner 5D App Now Available on Mac!

Planner 5D is now available to download from the Mac App Store! The new app has been created with native Apple technologies to ensure smooth performance, user-friendly features and a macOS-inspired design. It is seamlessly integrated into the Apple ecosystem to allow users to work on the same Planner 5D projects with their iPhone, iPad or Mac.  

In addition to the intuitive native design, the Planner 5D app for Mac delivers high-quality graphics using the latest SceneKit and Metal technology capabilities. Users can take full advantage of the graphic innovations as they select items in the digital catalog and capture their design projects with HD Snapshots.

The Planner 5D team has added a variety of features and innovations to the new version, including Metal graphics technology for faster and more natural renderings; over 3000 items included in the Digital Catalog; responsive and intuitive design features; enhanced graphics; and more.

Planner 5D for Mac is available exclusively from the Mac App Store in various packages with in-app purchases. Download here.

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Planner 5D App Now Available on Mac! - Articles about Apartments 2 by  image

Comments (11 )
holly crap my freind says oh my god
19.12.2017 19:04:39
19.04.2018 21:39:55
03.05.2018 02:07:24
03.05.2018 02:07:31
not bad at all hats off
28.05.2018 21:20:59
hi guys - just upgraded but I'm having difficulty rotating objects. Can you point me in the right direction please as to what I'm doing wrong? thanks
12.06.2018 17:44:37
Aksh patel
27.08.2018 09:20:38
Kelly Brown
Technology is beautiful! Where can I get furniture that are similar? lol
02.11.2018 22:54:51
Emma Tran
Kelly, check out the furniture from this company. I think they have amazing sets. quite pricey but the quality and design are unquestionable https://furniturefromhome.com/category/livingroom
09.11.2018 23:37:49
Hi Emma, I actually own a living room furniture set from Kennewick on Furniture from home. Bought it few years back, still very nice. I get lots of compliments https://furniturefromhome.com/products/the-kennewick-living-room-collection/15518
30.11.2018 20:38:16
I cannot get my app to unlock, Have been using full version successfully for 4 days, Today without anything action it decided to go back to lock mode.
13.04.2020 23:35:26
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