Exclusive interview with Alexey Sheremetyev

The Planner 5D team has been hard at work this past year making big changes to their easy-to-use interior design tool. From the addition of VR capability, to incorporating AI functionality, Planner 5D is on a path of fast growth and may just change the interior design game as we know it. That being said, I thought this might be a good opportunity to speak with Alexey Sheremetyev — co-found of Planner 5D — to find out what his plans are for the future of the company, and to see what the journey with an interior design startup has been like so far.



What was the original purpose for creating Planner 5D?


“Originally Planner 5D was just a tool for myself and Sergy (co-founder) to use for our own interior design projects. I was working on designing the interior for my apartment, and Sergey was designing a country home. We were both having a hard time visualizing our ideas, so we ultimately decided on creating a prototype tool to help us do just that. Not long after that, we realized that the tool we had created could be of use to other people as well, so we launched the full version.”


Who do you consider to be your top competitors? What makes Planner 5D different?


“Honestly, we have so many competitors that it’s very difficult to even count. What separates us from the competitors the most I would say is that we are much easier to use. What i’ve noticed with most interior design tools is that they are generally not very user-friendly, and are very difficult to understand and learn. You usually wind up spending the first few hours with the tool just trying to understand how it works. With Planner 5D however, this is not the case. We tried to design Planner 5D like a video game, in the sense that anyone can pick it up, understand it, and immediately design. I think we’re also unique in the sense that we’re multi-platform and portable, which allows you to design anywhere you go, as well as being much cheaper than the competition. For example, our “Snapshot” function allows you to create photorealistic images of you projects directly from your device at little to no cost, whereas some of our competitors  will charge up to $20 for the same service. We also have tons of great exclusive features such as the ability to alter the size and dimensions of all furniture in your projects to match the dimensions of your home.”  


What is your goal with planner 5D? What are you trying to accomplish?


“Simply put, our goal is to empower anybody to create detailed interior designs and floor plans like pros, without the need of any experience or skill. Many first-time home owners are often stuck in a situation where they’ve bought a home, but are then left with little to no money and must hire various contractors and designs to collaborate with each other to design your home for you. Not only is this very expensive and complicated, but it takes lots of time too. With Planner 5D, you’re able to do all of this yourself with quality results, while saving tons of money and time in the process.”


Finally, where do you see Planner 5D in 5 years?


“Well, lately we’ve been working a lot with Virtual Reality and AI. My hope is to continue working with this and to hopefully one day change how interior design is done forever. (laughs) I hope that one day you can just sit on the beach drinking out of a coconut, pull out your phone, give an AI all the necessary data and information to design your home, and while you're gone everything is delivered, installed, and set up for you. With AI and VR, this vision really becomes more of a reality each and every day, and who knows? It may not be as far off as we think.”


The Planner 5D team has been hard at work changing the way we design floor plans and create interior designs. To learn more about what they’re doing with Virtual Reality and AI, make sure to check out their website and to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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