Huge update rolling out for Planner 5D for Android

We have a new feature in Planner 5D!

Wall thickness

By popular request, we have updated some features for room walls. WALL THICKNESS - now you can change the wall thickness and walls will look better - with proper joints. At this time, the wall improvements are only available on Android (this feature will come to other platforms soon).

Huge update rolling out for Planner 5D for Android - Articles about Apartments 1 by  image

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Comments (9 )
do a big house
26.09.2017 18:39:40
Shawn Gates
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02.10.2017 17:47:16
Shawn Gates
sorry i just dont respect blogs
02.10.2017 17:47:32
Planner 5D Support Service
Hello. Respect or not, it is still not a reason for spamming.
30.10.2017 04:31:02
Hello! in a desktop version wall thickness not functioning? 10x
01.12.2017 12:15:56
cat lover
ok I will
31.01.2018 16:48:39
cat lover
You are really mean then
31.01.2018 16:51:29
Hello, nothing works on my samsung android note8
03.06.2018 17:10:00
AK 15
hi I want to update my windows base software most of item Is not available in windows base software which items are available in android software kindly help me how should I update my windows base software to get those items
11.05.2020 14:01:12
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