Disappointed to see Autodesk® Homestyler go? Planner 5D has you covered.

2017-03-27 12:15:48 John Smith
Autodesk® announced that on April 30, they will be permanently shutting down both their Homestyler online and Homestyler mobile applications. Fortunately, Planner 5D has you covered for easy to use online and mobile interior design — and If that’s not enough, they even have a special offer for all Homestyler users who are sad to see the service terminated. 

Planner 5D offers users tons of great features which include the ability to switch between 2D and 3D design at the click of a button, the option to design on the go with IOS and Android, over 3000 photorealistically rendered items from real manufacturer catalogues, and even a new feature that gives Homestyler users the ability to import their saved projects into Planner 5D.

Yes, that’s right. Once this feature is added, you’ll be able to continue working on your Homestyler projects in Planner 5D, even after Homestyler has been discontinued. To import a project, simply follow these steps: Go to our website Planner5d.com > Login > Projects > Import > Paste Link to Homestyler® Project > Ok.

It’s no secret that Interior design can be a struggle and that the search for a decent interior design application can be even more of one, but not anymore. Designing your dream home or future project has never been faster or easier, and with a community of over 16 million users collaborating with other designers is a cinch. 

As for Homestyler users who are unsure about the switch to Planner 5D, or anybody that’s just curious to give Planner 5D a try, there’s a special offer just for you. To get a free 30 day trial giving you access to the entire catalogue of over 3000 items, simply register for an account, select the “Profile” tab under the profile picture, and enter promo code “WELCOME” (valid until May 30th).

Also, make sure you follow Planner 5D on Facebook to keep up with updates and other special offers in the future. If (like me) you’re disappointed to see Homestyler go, then worry not. Planner 5D has your back.

1. Push "import" button on your project page.

2. Copy your project URL on Homestyler.com and paste it here on Planner5d.com


5d Planner is NOT free. You have to buy nearly all of the selections in the catalog.

Justina Jelinskienė 2017-04-23 12:36:37


Ram MM 2017-04-24 11:23:04

Can we open the homestyler elements in 5d Planner?

Alicja 2017-04-28 13:21:00


AntiqueAngel44 2017-05-06 04:23:32

As the first person already stated; 'Planner5D' is NOT free so they most certainly do NOT have you "covered" at all, let's face it there will never be a decent replacement for 'Homestyle'. :/

Martynas/Planner5D 2017-06-16 07:58:40

Hello. Demo version IS available. As for paid items and options-> https://planner5d.com/forum/post/41994/

Martynas/Planner5D 2017-06-16 07:59:17

Good day. Yes, some of the basic elements, like doors and windows, can be opened.

Martynas/Planner5D 2017-06-16 08:00:20

Good day, As mentioned above, demo version is available to get to know Planner5D basic options and items. https://planner5d.com/forum/post/41994/

Pawan Patel 2018-02-07 11:00:38

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