Why isn’t Planner 5D’s full catalog free?

Many of you have no doubt noticed by now that most of Planner 5D’s full catalog must be paid for to be unlocked, and although there are more than 150 items in the free catalog, another 3000+ can be discovered after paying for the full version. 

Now, I know what you're saying.. “Why do I have to pay to get access to the full catalog?” “Why not make it free?” We actually hear these questions a lot, and believe me.. We know how you feel. If we could have it our way, we would provide our entire catalog to all of you free of charge! Unfortunately, in order for us to provide you with the best interior design experience that we can, a premium catalog is necessary, and i’ll tell you exactly why that is..

Here at Planner 5D we hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence, and as such we have a great team of professional designers and programmers that work hard every day to ensure that our interior design tool is of the highest quality. That being said, good programmers and designers need to be paid, and if we wanted to pay our team and provide a free catalog, we would only have a couple of options:

One option would be to reduce our team of experienced programmers and designers by more than half, but we would have to compensate by adding commercials and Ads to our service, which doesn’t yield much profit in the first place, and let’s be honest… Nobody likes ads! (That’s exactly why we go rid of them!)

The other option would be to replace our catalog with a much smaller one made from a single manufacturer’s products, but part of what makes Planner 5D so unique is the variety and choice that you have with our unique catalog made from a blend of various manufacturer’s items and original designs. 

With our premium catalog, we’re able to keep our professional team of designers and programmers, thus ensuring a quality interior design experience, while also staying completely ad free! And while we wish we could offer you the full experience free of charge, we know you value quality, just as much as we do!

So there it is..  In order for us to offer you the best experience that we can, a premium catalog is the best option.. But fear not! Our free version of Planner 5D comes with plenty of interior items for you to personalize your projects with, plus the option to make as many projects as you’d like! And if that’s not enough, there are plenty of affordable payment plans to unlock the full 3000+ item catalog. Our 3 main plans are: $9.99 for 1 month ($2.50 a week), $19.99 for a year (less than $1.70 a month), and $29.99 for life! (That’s a long time!) 

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @planner5d to keep up with everything interior design! We can’t wait to see what you create!

Comments (31 )
I do not want it free. Workers do not eat air.
10.05.2017 21:20:15
Hi. I recommend that the furniture is free. But the general plans, HD images and drafts of payment. A new profile has 5 planes, 3 HD images and 2 drafts. Thinking about it is another possible solution.
11.05.2017 13:21:58
20.07.2017 13:45:27
Go to work and your boss does not pay you, and tell you work for free.
20.07.2017 17:31:48
Mathew Marshall
how do i join someones project??????
08.09.2017 16:21:32
Planner 5D Support Service
Hi there, What exactly do You mean?
15.09.2017 08:17:43
Planner 5D Support Service
15.09.2017 08:17:53
Mathew Marshall
there is a thing where i can make a channel,but my partner cant join my project
15.09.2017 15:38:44
Mathew Marshall
my partner has the link for it,but anything he adds dissappears
15.09.2017 15:41:21
Jamie Alsabrook
All the respect! Happy to pay for good quality! You guys are doing great stuff and well in tune with the future!
26.01.2018 05:17:59
Pawan Patel
07.02.2018 10:52:14
Pawan Patel
07.02.2018 10:52:37
Pawan Patel
hi... nice article.https://pawanapatel.wixsite.com/websiterenuka/single-post/2018/02/06/Multipurpose-Glass-shelfs
07.02.2018 11:00:19
Tuan Anh Le
You're totally right!
26.07.2018 09:03:09
Pappu Kumar Kushwaha
Nice app
10.08.2018 20:02:00
25.10.2018 02:41:45
I wish the furniture was free, but I understand.
26.03.2019 23:32:20
hi there,. with the full catalog access,. could we customise the windows and door dimensions?
19.11.2019 19:52:44
why does a toilet paper holder cost $10?? Because it is a normal household item.
15.03.2020 05:19:15
Pishi Shiraz
Yeh. Toilet paper should not cost
06.04.2020 22:02:46
Tyler Davenport
I wish everything was free because if it was your app many more people would go on Planner5d
10.07.2020 14:55:55
Ashley Osorio
Well I feel Like its not fair because some of us cant really afford the locked items which kind of sucks the first time I went on this website I thought it was free but we have to pay with a credit card and I feel like everybody should use everything just like in this world we all use the same thing please do something about it I beg to you guys
16.03.2021 23:25:10
Ashley Osorio
And I agree with you Tyler
16.03.2021 23:25:28
Ashley Osorio
and please respond if you can
16.03.2021 23:26:58
Ashley Osorio
I would really appreciate it ;D
16.03.2021 23:27:19
I do agree the people who work at planner5d should get paid but can you add some good stuff in the kitchen section in the free section because it drives me insane when i have the super old counter tops. Can you please just redesign another counter top. PLEASE. Hopefully you guys get this soon.
22.03.2021 00:01:59
Bryce Mastronardo
24.03.2021 15:05:34
Bryce Mastronardo
Just do it
24.03.2021 15:05:45
i'm curious about this, i have the mobile ver. (android) and they offer me a full catalog for forever with around 9.99 usd. but there is no option for forever on windows ver. why?
31.03.2021 02:55:34
12.05.2021 02:59:46
i love the app it love how things look realistic and i made so many friend
31.05.2021 00:42:43
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