The Best Kitchen Wall Color Ideas

07.08.2020 15:42:35

The kitchen is the heart of the home for some. It’s the place with potential for culinary magic, so your kitchen paint colors should reflect that. 

If you’re struggling for kitchen color ideas, keep reading. We’ve rounded up some of the best ideas for using paint in your kitchen to update the space and make it a joy to be in. Look below for inspiration and, as always, a ton of pictures.

Kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets

Still got the oak cabinets in your kitchen from the 90s? Don’t rip them out! For a quick, cheap and sustainable way to update your kitchen’s look, get the paintbrush out. Your kitchen paint color choice can provide a much-needed refresh. 

If your cabinets are a yellow- or orange-toned oak, avoid painting your kitchen in other warm colors as it can look outdated and overpowering. The best way to make a feature of these cabinets is to use a contrasting, less overwhelming shade in your kitchen wall color such as blue, green or eggplant. Not so keen on contrast? Choose a modern, neutral shade such as cream or beige.

If you have oak cabinets in a lighter shade, you can update these with a lick of gray paint on the walls. Darker oak? We’ll come onto that next.

Color schemes for kitchens with dark cabinets

If you like striking design, darker-colored kitchen cabinets are a good idea. But which kitchen color ideas go best with dark cabinets?

First, make sure you don’t darken the space to the point of dinginess. You have a couple of options for your kitchen wall colors: light shades with similar undertones keep a matching color scheme. Mismatching colors are so 2020, so if you’re feeling brave, try combining your dark cabinets with accents in brighter colors.

For a polished, modern-looking kitchen, why not combine sleek black cabinets with white? The stark contrast is perfect for a contemporary touch.

Kitchen paint colors with white cabinets

White cabinets seem simpler to style, but we still have a few kitchen color ideas for you. It’s a versatile shade - as with dark cabinets, you can create that ever-popular monochromatic contemporary feel or try something completely different. Paint the room in complementary grays. For an on-trend look, paint some bold accents to contrast with the cabinets and create some drama.

White cabinets work particularly well in a small kitchen, as they reflect more light. Avoid the coldness that white can create by adding light neutrals with warm undertones to your kitchen wall colors.

Red kitchen ideas for decorating

Red is a great color to add some drama and intensity to your kitchen. Used well, it can also be very cozy. 

If you want to keep it simple, add a few red accents - maybe the wall behind your tiled backsplash or a single surface. Red paint can also make your door trims and skirting boards really pretty - especially when combined with wallpaper and a simple color scheme. 

If you choose red for your kitchen wall color, make sure you plump for a gentle shade or even white for your kitchen furniture. Otherwise, it might end up feeling overcrowded.

Country kitchen paint colors

Want to feel like you’re somewhere rural and peaceful? Make your kitchen cozy by incorporating paint colors that reflect the countryside feel. White is a real favorite kitchen wall color, as it allows lots of light to reflect in the space. It also goes well with all kinds of wood, that huge porcelain sink you’re thinking of installing, and any metal elements you want to include. 

For kitchen paint colors that make you feel like you’re in a traditional farmhouse, include light blue, white, or even yellow in your color scheme. Red also gives farmhouse vibes and goes well with a gingham tablecloth.

If you’re looking for kitchen color ideas that match the great outdoors, consider using colors you’d find in nature, such as dusky greens and light browns. These go well with any plants you might want to use for decoration.

Gray kitchen walls

Gray is a versatile kitchen paint color - it fits almost any color scheme, but keep in mind our tips. What kind of atmosphere do you want to create? For a royal, dramatic kitchen, choose charcoal gray and combine it with gleaming surfaces. Dark grays can also contrast with white to create a modern, monochrome setting. 

If you’re after a more playful kitchen, consider using bolder shades with your gray walls - blue, green, and gray are currently having a moment

New kitchen color trends

What’s new for 2020? There are so many exciting trends that will help you with your kitchen color ideas. Whichever you incorporate, knowing which kitchen paint color to use makes all the difference.

This year is all about including small pops of color. Choose a relatively neutral shade for the room and paint one accent wall in a bolder hue. You could also add a brighter color in smaller details such as furniture edges and window frames. Or even paint the ceiling!

Recent years have seen vintage come into style, and that includes in your kitchen. Two ideas that are witnessing a revival are retro 70s and vintage farmhouse kitchens. For a 70s look, combine bold, oversized prints with muted versions of a 70s color palette. Perhaps paint your cabinets white to draw attention to these focal points.

Metallic surfaces and elements are also seeing a return. These can work in both modern and cozy kitchens - for walls that work well with copper, choose white or grey paint.

Cream-colored kitchens

You might not realize it, but cream-colored kitchens have tons of potential for a fun color scheme. Cream cabinets can go well with the 70s-style we mentioned above. Otherwise, use your kitchen paint color to make your kitchen super cozy - combine them with a darker, warmer tone. 

Avoid painting the whole room cream, or it could look outdated and bland. Darker hues make the cabinets pop, while mint green is a superb option to make your kitchen feel zen. 

Best paint for kitchen walls

Let’s face it, kitchens get dirty. Even the most careful cook might get flecks on the backsplash, or slosh tomato sauce somewhere it’s not wanted. The paint finish in your kitchen needs to stand up to grease and mess, so opt for a semi-gloss or high-gloss finish. High-gloss is particularly suited to skirting boards, window frames, and other accents, as it is more resistant to scuffs and stains. 

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