New Year's Resolutions for the home: 10 practical tips to cheer up your interior

16.01.2020 16:06:27
Make 2020 the year that your interior honors you. Is your interior ready for 2020? Bring it into a new decade with some new year’s resolutions for the home. Follow these no-nonsense tips to make your interior reflect you and all the hard work you’re putting into keeping those new years’ resolutions. You’ve got this. And so has your interior. 

Make your living room brighter

Your living room is probably where you spend the most time. So make it somewhere you actually want to be. Natural light is your friend – experiment to find out how your furniture interacts with it. Little details like rugs and cushions are a chance to add splashes of colour.

Make your bedroom darker

Summer might seem a way off, but the days are undeniably getting longer. Try out some thicker curtains to keep the nights dark and a comforter that keeps you cozy during those winter nights. You’ll drift off in no time.

Tidy up every day

We know, we know. Tidying up is the least glamorous aspect of interior design. But it’s essential – by picking up after your everyday activity at the end of each day, you keep your home chaos-free. Never underestimate the transformational power of a quick tidy-up.

Change your sofa. Make it comfortable

After a tiring day of keeping all of your new year’s resolutions, you need somewhere to relax. Answer honestly – is your sofa a bit tired? Does it creak and make awkward noises? It might be time to replace it with something that supports you after a long, hard winter day. Otherwise, change it up with soft cushions and blankets. Go wild and get cozy!

Start recycling

This is a great resolution, not just for your conscience but also for the planet and for your interior! In some countries, up to 75% of household waste can be recycled (dosomething.org). By doing so, you conserve natural materials and save energy. It’s an easy way to have an impact, and you could make it even more fun by getting hold of matching containers to separate your items.

Control your electricity intake

Do you turn off the lights when you leave a room? Do you leave your television on standby? Do you leave your cell phone charger plugged in? If the answer is yes, try changing these little habits – it’s even less effort than recycling. Watch your electricity bill plummet while saving the world.

Get more plants – they are your friends

Breathe easy with greenery. Plants are a great way to spruce up your interior – not only are they pretty, but they also improve air quality. Watching them thrive is bound to put a smile on your face.

Get rid of any plastic furniture

Plastic furniture is unlikely to last and can make your interior feel cheap and temporary. However, make sure you dispose of it responsibly: check whether it can be recycled (such as Virgin PP #5), and if not, donate it to a thrift store or see if someone else can find a use for it.

Untangle or hide your wires

Don’t you just hate when you’ve tidied up and there are still messy wires sticking out from your appliances? There are many ways to avoid this: try wire covers or cord clips. Another option is an open-backed cabinet for your television – just thread the cords through. Jazz up your router by hiding it in a pretty box.

Get rid of everything you don’t like at home

We’ve all heard Marie Kondo tell us not to keep anything if it doesn’t ‘spark joy.’ Next time you’re tidying up and come across something you don’t know what to do with, ask yourself: “Do I like and use this?” If not, get rid of it…you know what we’re going to say… SUSTAINABLY: donate it, swap it or even sell it. Do a good deed while making a few dollars.

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