The 4 Forgotten Rooms of Christmas: Are you making these mistakes?

28.12.2019 11:38:44
The Guest room
The holidays bring people together, and those people need to stay somewhere! When your uncle is feeling stuffed after Christmas turkey, or your best friends are getting lit with NYE cocktails, these are definite no-go’s (with or without snow) for drivers. This year, don’t be that person who only offers a beat up sofa with a musty old blanket. At Christmastime you want your guests to feel at ease in a nice space where they have everything they need to feel at home. Two key factors to keep visitors happy are comfortable sleeping arrangements and ample space to put luggage. You don’t want their stuff all over the house so you accidentally see your presents before Christmas day!

The Basement
If your basement feels more like the set of a horror movie than a cozy den, then you’re seriously missing out. Having a basement is a huge advantage for a property, but if you leave it unloved, then you’re wasting that potential. In particular, at Christmastime it makes for a great space where the kids can run around making noise to their heart’s content. It doesn’t take much work to add a soft rug and simple furniture that’s safe for them to scramble around on.  Or, if the kids already have a regular playroom, then the basement is the perfect spot where the grown-ups can get up to no good with a slick home bar. Additionally, if you’ve already got takers for the guest room like we mentioned above, having a pull-out couch or oversized sofa in the basement can serve as a great refuge for extra guests who have had too much of that special eggnog.

The Bathroom
Getting a bathroom ready for the holidays requires more than just reindeer themed towels. Whether you’re hosting or not, you never know who will come knocking at this time of year. In order to save yourself from some awkward situations it’s important to ask yourself, “Can your current bathrooms can cope with all those extra people using your toilets, sinks, showers, and tubs?”. If there is any switch or lever in your bathroom that you have to teach someone to use (“Press it once, then wait 3 seconds, then press it again, then wait 3 more seconds just to be sure...”) then the answer is a clear ‘NO’. Since you want your guests to feel comfortable and your bathroom needs these updates anyways, just tackle the issue now and save yourself the trouble of rain on your Santa Claus Parade due to those faulty bathroom fixtures.

The Kids’ Rooms
Finally, what you might be forgetting is what it feels like to be a kid at Christmas. At this magical time of year when everything dazzles and shines, it can be really tough to cope with the whole “Time for bed” fiasco. Adding a bit of holiday cheer in a kids room can help entice them to settle down for sleep. After all, a little garland around the room or an ornament hanging from the bedpost can be a good reminder that Santa sees you when you’re sleeping, and knows when you’re awake!
Of course, if your kids are already all grown up, then a few Christmassy touches may not be enough. Your kids might stay longer during the holidays if they didn’t have to cope with their old superhero bedsheets or posters of past idols that now embarrass them. If you suspect that your children’s old bedrooms (or any part of the house for that matter) could use more than just some Christmas cheer to spruce it up, it might be helpful to have a dabble at creating a virtual re-decoration project with Planner 5D. You can pop in the dimensions of the room and add or remove any furniture you like plus revamp the colour scheme to something a little more mature. Who knows, you might just convince the kids to stay over at Easter too!

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