Pantone's Color of the Year 2020: Why You'll Love Classic Blue?

27.01.2020 12:27:03
Are you feeling blue? No, not sad, blue! *Classic* Blue, actually. Well you should! Classic Blue is Pantone's choice for Interior Color of the Year for 2020.

Why is this great news? 

Blue is a familiar color that reminds us of amazing natural features like a clear blue sky or the deep blue sea. Thus, to the human brain, blue signals stability which conjures up feelings of security, loyalty, and honesty. Having these ideas at the forefront of your mind calms your psyche and in turn soothes your nerves which improves your physical health as well. What's not to love? 

How to incorporate Classic Blue in your home?

If you're feeling brave and looking to significantly change up your living space, then grab a roller and get painting. Classic Blue will no doubt transform your old room into a sophisticated and trendy masterpiece that will make everyone jealous of your confidence. 
If you'd rather just dip your toe, then pick up a few throw cushions with fun textures to add pops of blue in with your current decor. Or, alternatively, just choose one standout piece that can hold the focus all on its own, like a large abstract painting. 

How to use Pantone's 2020 Color of the Year, but also be unique? 

While Classic Blue is the star of the show, there are no limits to the supporting acts or interpretations of the script. Blue is such a versatile color that it's easy to put any personal spin you like on your decor. You can go for beachy vibes by introducing lighter furniture like wicker. You can go the more regal route by accenting with other jewel tones or gold. Or, go futuristic and harness the blue glow of electricity by playing with cool lighting options. 

What if you're unsure about how it will look? 

To help you visualize what Classic Blue could do for your interior, download Planner 5D to easily create a realistic model of your home. You’ll be able to play with the color in different ways until you find your favorite style. Since the finished virtual design will look just like a photograph, you can make absolutely certain that you love your new decor before committing to any real risky changes. You’ve got nothing to lose! Give it a go now, with Planner 5D.

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