3 Do's And Don'ts For an Indoor Garden That Will Make You Smile

15.04.2020 08:53:41

We’re missing being outdoors, and we’re sure you are, too. But while you’re stuck inside, why not bring the outside in? Houseplants cheer up your home and make you feel like you’re surrounded by nature. Follow our tips for easy ways to keep your plants (and you) happy and thriving.

1. Consider the light in your house. Choose a spot with plenty of light for sun-loving plants. South-facing windows get the most light the whole year round. Plants cannot survive without light, although there are plants that can tolerate lower levels. Call your local plant shop for advice.

2. If you want plants to have a big impact on your interior, use sculptural varieties such as the Kentia Palm or Fiddle Leaf Fig. Remember, large leaves collect dust - you need to clean them every month so they keep absorbing sunlight.

3. Do feed your plants with plant food in summer. This is when they need a little boost to help with growing flowers or fruit.

 1. Don’t overwater your plants. More plants die from overwatering than from dry soil. 

2. Don’t leave large plants in small pots for too long. Re-pot them as soon as their roots start to grow through the bottom holes of the pot.

3. Don’t feed your plants in winter - it’s not necessary as they are not growing as much. It could even disrupt their natural rhythm.

Follow these tips to enjoy nature even when stuck at home. A home garden is a fabulous project to keep you entertained - try the Planner 5D app to experiment with placing plants in your space, and share your favorite houseplants with us on Instagram. Happy indoor gardening!

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