5 Minor Changes to Add Personality to Your Home

20.08.2015 09:29:36

Redecorating a home can be expensive. Many homeowners can’t afford to invest thousands of dollars on new furniture. However, there are smart strategies one can use to revamp a space on budget. There’s really no need to spend a lot of money on bringing a room to life. All you have to do is use your imagination; put your creativity to the test and consider the following changes.


1. Give good first impression

Sometimes the simplest, most conventional changes can have the greatest impact. If you don’t have a lot of time to redecorate a living area, you could consider quick but effective changes. Give the front door a bolder coat of paint, or change the carpet in the living room. Add flower vases on the coffee table, and consider oversized vases to make an impression. For the backyard, you could focus on small accessories to fill the area and add personality to the space. Outdoor rugs, lanterns and candles will transform a boring backyard into the most relaxing oasis.


2. Rotate furniture 

Before heading to the nearest store to purchase inexpensive accessories, why don’t you take a minute to rearrange current accessories or the furniture? You could start with swapping decorative items from the master bedroom into the living area. Switch color palettes, play with shapes and have fun. Use your bedroom’s decorative pillows into the living room, or replace the curtains. Whatever you do just make sure you have some sort of balance. Mixing colors is great, there has to be a dominant nuance in order for the space to look harmonious. 


3. Give your cabinets a complete makeover

If the laundry room or the kitchen appears old-fashioned, or they need retouching, it might be a good idea to repaint the cabinets instead of replacing them. To save money you could do it yourself. DIY makeovers can be a lot more convenient than hiring a professional. In terms of color, the options are endless. White cabinets are the easiest to repaint; consider a striking nuance such as matte purple or burgundy; to keep things light and stylish, don’t paint all the cabinets. Create balance by coating the doors, or you could use black for just one or two cabinets to create a striking effect into the kitchen

4. Make seasonal changes 

When the seasons change it might be a good idea to swap cranberry red nuances that are too striking in the winter for more vibrant colors that scream freshness, such as pastel pink for example. Get rid of those stark berry limbs in that vase you keep on the living room coffee table and swap it for more vivid long-stemmed tulips or forsythia limbs for the summer season. All of a sudden, your home will have a refreshed feel that will make guests adore visiting you. 

If you have a home decorated in a neutral color, it will be even easier to add a hint of color with new accent pillows, scented candles and seasonal flowers. Beige doesn’t have to be boring; In fact, this color is the perfect canvas for bright accessories you can easily change from season to season. In your goal is to create an even bigger impact, you could also consider rearranging the furniture.  Reposition the bed in the bedroom for instance, or use tables from the living area as nightstands. 

5. Play with colors

Household items and accessories that come in the same color palette can create a statement if grouped properly. In the kitchen for example, open shelving calls for china and pottery in the same color. Mixing and matching creates harmony, especially in the kitchen. The more organized your space is the better chances you have to make that area feel comfortable and welcoming. Create a visual interest with color, and make a statement with pops of color. If your living room is predominantly white, then you could make it even more striking with a fuchsia armchair. 



Change is good, change is necessary whenever we want to feel comfortable. In terms of home décor, change can be exactly what we need to feel alive. New linens, pillows, accessories, rugs and flowers are cheap but effective décor ideas we should use whenever we want to bring our personal spaces back to life. 

By Alfred Stallion and VanessaArbuthnott.co.uk

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