Planner 5D for Android with new features!

10.11.2016 09:51:23

Let us introduce step by step the instructions on how to take all the benefits from the new update.

1. From now on all the objects will snap to the grid and you may also need to use target lines (more about it later in the article), in order to know exactly where you would like to place your desired construction or interior object.

First of all, open the project settings, the gear button is just above the screen. On the opened *Project settings* menu, scroll down to *View options* and choose *Grid*, further turn on snapping to the grid and showing the grid. For your convenience you can also change the size of the grid, this will let you understand the sizes more clearly.

For instance, you start creating project from the scratch, set your grid size to 4 inches or 10 cm, drag any shape of the room from the library, change the size of the wall, simply by dragging the corner of it. What happens next: the corners of the wall will snap to the grid and as each square shows exactly 4 inches or 10 cm (depends which size you will set), it will make you even easier to count the length of the wall.

Note: the program as well counts the width of the wall, so in this case it would show more. In other words: the actual length of the wall is a length between the dots of the wall.

2. Once you turned on target lines in projects settings menu remember the objects will snap to the grid by the exact middle of the object, so the showing up target lines will help you in defining the place where you want to stick your specific item.

3. One more great feature is that the ruler plays a role of guidelines. Once you turned on snapping objects to the ruler in the project settings, all of the objects you bring next to the ruler, will snap right to it, which means you may now use it as guidelines.

For example there are couple of items you want to set in an exact order - use a ruler.

Perfectly illustration would be: focusing several small lamps in the exact order you wish them to be. First: tap on the ruler button on the top of the screen, drag and drop a ruler to a position you want, then choose some items and simply snap them to the ruler. Later you may delete the ruler and enjoy the perfect line of items you’ve just built.

4. Another element which will allow you to express your creativity is adjusting the textures. Once you have chosen the texture to your wall, floor or any object, you may rotate it and scale to a bigger or smaller one. As for example, you are now able to vary with the floor, instead of covering the floor with just a static texture. You are now able rotate the texture to one side for the half of the room and to another for a second half or variously use scaled textures to separate parts of your room. Mixed textured floors is now a new trend!

5. Finally, when finished with your project create a beautiful picture of it.

You are now able to create both: on the cloud and on straight on your device. Creating on your device means you don't really have to sign up/log in to any account, which makes the process even more convenient. You are able to choose any quality of proposed and you're done. Just wait a bit, while you'll get the notification to view the beautiful photo of your design.

Check out this short video presenting the described features before. All in all, these are all the news we've covered for you for now.

Don't hesitate to leave your feedback and stay tuned!

Planner 5D Team

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stamp's the designer
i use the website,but i don'y know how to paint on this version
20.12.2016 19:41:01
planner5d.com ♥
28.01.2017 07:14:40
Raina Evenson
that is nice
16.02.2017 02:38:44
This is a beautiful kitchen
23.02.2017 15:25:48
Maria Akiba Corporation
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Debasish Tudu
You r the best
19.05.2017 06:41:29
Planner 5D Support Service
Hi there, Tap on the item; A menu will pop up; Choose "Paintbrush" icon.
15.09.2017 08:20:59
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