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17.09.2015 09:47:26

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Hello everyone!

As promised I am kicking off my series about everything related to do it yourself renovation or even building. The first thing in this long process that comes straight after a demand of change is a need for inspiration. I think everyone has felt that feeling when something just isn’t right anymore, when you are bored of everything and don’t enjoy your surroundings. It’s like water in the kettle that finally boiled and now is trying to escape. Now you are at that point where you defined what’s happening but there is an open question what kind of alterations need to be made. Let’s talk about the means to help you to refine your thoughts and spark a few new ones.

If you would try to dig a little bit deeper into the science of inspiration you would find that the biggest chance for you to think of something new, genius and unexpected is when you are not at your best. When you are a bit distracted, relaxed or maybe even drunk. So go and take a break, play some video games, read a book or go for a run. We recently did a beautiful video how to inspire yourself while simply taking a walk. 

It also helps when you have some creative input, in this case maybe go to some interior design showroom or experience time disappear while scrolling through pinterest, tumblr or any other life sucking vortex. Actually, it’s not bad at all if you won’t think of something completely groundbreaking. You are allowed to copy any cool interior design idea that you see on instagram.

Don’t forget to write down even the most ridiculous ideas and share them with your friends or family members. Don’t be greedy and afraid that your friend might steal some of your pearls.

Ideas spark ideas. Maybe later you will have to thank your friends for amazing decisions on how to save room in your small bedroom or someone might toss you a piece of mind that you will build on and make something spectacular. 

That’s it for my knowledge about inspiration. I urge you to be friendly and share in the comments your favorite pinterest boards or other stimulating sites you find helpful while seeking some creative input.

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