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It's another week and it's another stop in our journey through vast renovation lands. Last week we figured out how to revive your old walls and make them look clean and fresh again. Now when you have your beautiful new canvas we can start filling it in and create a real piece of art. You of course already have some furniture and decor pieces, but most probably you also need something new. It's time to go shopping and no matter whether you are experienced shopper or you hate it, you need some tips to survive this battle and even walk out of it as a winner. 

Make a list

Sit down and figure out what you actually need and what you can afford. Write down every single item with it's quantities. Use a notebook, random sheet, your phone or whatever you prefer. This is actually the most important tip you should follow because list-making in the end will save you a lot of time and you won't have to come back to the same store numerous times because you forgot little something. What is more, you won't overbuy and end up with a lot of stuff you don't need. Not that I am really concerned about your bank account balance, which is, of course, also really important, but when you buy a lot of stuff you actually don't need, you create a clutter which does not look great in any interior design style.

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Dedicate separate time for shopping

Plan your shopping experience, know in advance where you are going to get certain items and when you are going to buy them. Maybe dedicate the whole day only for that, of course if you can survive it. Don't make casual purchases while you are in town on other business matters. It's for the same reason as list making because casual shoppers tend to buy stuff they never use and need. Save yourself some trouble and cupboard space. 

Take measurements

For experienced shoppers, it's old news that you have to measure the place you want your furniture to go in and the item itself more than once. But some of our newbies might not know that. So I repeat: measure everything and measure it more than once. It's especially easy to forget that while shopping online.

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Set yourself a budget

Although we are all about living the dream, sometimes your budget can't handle your grand ideas and that's totally fine. It happens to all of us. You just have to be creative. I think you will agree to me it's better to have fewer decor items than to have an empty fridge. On the same note don't get in the trap of sales and salespeople. They are another great factor that makes you buy random stuff . Lists are our saviors, I mean it. 

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Shop alone

This, of course, doesn't count if you are shopping for an area that you are going to share with someone else. Unless that someone is really confident in your taste. You and only you have a clear vision what you want to achieve in your space and any friends and other companions might have completely different preferences than you have and that doesn't mean that your's are bad. Naturally while shopping with a partner  you will depend on their mood swings, stamina and all other factors. It's just easier and more productive to do it alone. Be confident in your style and your abilities to make the right decisions. 

I am sure that if you are going to follow these tips you are going to have a great time in shops and fill in those blank spaces in your beautiful masterpiece that is going to be your living area. Don't stress, take your time and remember that Rome wasn't built in a day.

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