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How is your renovation going? Have you finished your planning and shopping stages? If you did, let's move on to the next step which is decorating.What is there to learn about arranging pillows and a few nick nacks that you have since when? Nobody can remember. My first and biggest advice to start clean and get rid of everything you don't actually need.  Now when you have a fresh canvas to work on let's go room by room and figure out how to make your area special. This week we are going to talk about the heart of any home which is the kitchen. 

Add statement wall or splashback

It's especially important if you have otherwise plain kitchen. You need to create some interest in the room to make it feel more welcoming. And a really easy way to this is to switch up your splashback with amazing tiles or maybe marble. It depends on your budget. Another really easy way to make an impact is to use wallpaper on one of the walls. It's cheap, quick and makes a huge impact. It adds some texture to kitchen's all sleek vibe and instantly makes it feel warmer. I don't know who and when decided to banish wallpaper out of the kitchens but it made its' come back in 2015 and is here to stay.

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Add different textures

It also creates interest and breaks apart that sterile look. Use some wood accents, leave it in its' natural form, raw. If you are afraid  about longevity of  untreated wood in your kitchen use stone instead. It also became extremely popular this year. Granite and marble are perfect choices for you. Basically your goal here is to make any person that comes into you kitchen want to touch those surfaces and never want to leave. 

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Add some bling with metals

You had to live under the rock not to notice that copper is a huge trend right know. Although, metals are not new materials for kitchen space but for a long time stainless steel, chrome and silver were reining in this home area. Now the table has turned and all warm metals such as copper, brass, gold and bronze are welcome to shine. 

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Use open shelving

I know, I know you want to hide your clutter and ugly kitchen appliances. Choose specific places that don't get that messy and make your kitchen more personal and user-friendly by exposing some of your cupboard spaces to light. More and more people are doing this and displaying their incredible collections of spices, cooking books or in some cases serial boxes. 

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Use furniture like design features

It's great for merging your kitchen with the rest of your home, making it feel warmer, more casual and inviting. It will transform your kitchen out of a strictly functional area to the hub of the home and place where everybody wants to hang out. This trend is more and more noticeable in modern kitchen designs.

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Marry modern with traditional

It's the recipe that will bring you success. Moder will make your space cool and quite  timeless. Traditional will add warmth and  make it more welcoming. It's a perfect blend for cozy feeling and memorable appearance. 

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I hope you got inspired and learned something new. Of course, you can forget about all the rules and listen to your gut. Maybe your kitchen  will be the start of a new trend. The most important this is that you will love it and be happy to prepare delicious food in it every day.

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