Top Interior Design Ideas in 2021

Home interior is evolving and changing as well to meet our new lifestyle and everyday preferences. With coronavirus spreading globally, people try to adapt the living space to their everyday needs in terms of work, spare time, recreation, family activities, etc.

With the interior evolution, interior design trends changed as well (and not always to become a better alternative). In this review, we will share the ideas and design trends to watch for in 2021. Fasten your seatbelts. We are about to lift off!

Integrated Furniture Solutions
In 2020, the attention to the interior has increased a lot. With more people bent with their homes and forced to spend much time inside, we started noticing some obvious design downsides and drawbacks we would never see before. Besides, people need more space at the time of restrictions and limitations. This is where integrated hardware can be a great solution. What we do know is that integrated kitchens will definitely be the dominant trend in 2021 as Evelina said, the designer at Planner 5D.

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The Harmony of Concrete and Wood
According to Citron Design Group, wood boarding works well in combination with PIP concrete. Such symbiosis helps to create a catchy industrial style with additional rudimentary textures making the space look unique and custom.

Comfortable and High-End Furniture
Want to create a piece of tranquility inside the home? Cane furniture will not only make the interior sustainable but also create a sense of presence in a real-life oasis. Pandemic restrictions do not matter anymore. Walk around your own tropical interior without leaving home. Can comes with increased durability and adds more accents that fit different styles and preferences as Styled Out West said.
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Master Suites are never Enough
As stayed by Raleigh Realty, we all want to make our homes as versatile as possible. Located either on the first or second floor, dual master suites help to create a more flexible space. Fewer homeowners prefer going upstairs to have a nap. What’s more, people would rather have a choice, which suite to choose and when. For this reason, dual masters are becoming a new trend that is extremely popular with buyers today.

Biophilic Trend Style
With so many eco-friendly designs, biophilia stands out with the most demanding approach to what we call a sustainable interior that promotes wellness. The new trend follows well-known concepts. The idea lies behind the connection between residents and nature. The style introduces a variety of natural materials associated with water, lights, or greenery. In the opinion of Kingdom Construction & Remodel, such an approach promises to help people reduce stress and improve their well-being.

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Striving for Improved Outdoor Space
According to New Homes Directory, outdoor space appears to be the last resort in the face of pandemics and restrictions. Buyers want to see the space as fictional as possible with a chance not just to have a picnic but also to create a dining or recreational space for the whole family. Contractors are aimed at bringing more comfort to the area instead of setting borders with high walls. The area requires more space and functionality to help residents feel free, explore, create, and enjoy all kinds of family activities.

Catchy Living Objects
During a pandemic, people are sick of watching TV or sitting in front of the laptop. They look for something unique other than just a painting or photo on the wall. Trends are changing. Used to be pretty popular a few years ago, grey is no longer a dominating color pallet in the interior. Each space calls for exclusive and eye-catching details that are not associated with boredom. What’s more, those details are supposed to reflect the owners' personality and character. They should refer to residents’ likes, hobbies, etc. With so many different finishing materials, creating catchy and unique textures is no longer a problem. By the way, the floral theme is still the dominating force in 2021 along with different tactile objects and accessories including fabrics, pillows, metals, glass, wood, light fixtures, and more. Simply choose the one you like and make the interior stand out as Annie Santulli Designs said.

The More Storage Space the Better
In accordance with SeaCoast Construction, people do not rush to go outside during the pandemic. They spend more time working, exercising, or cooking at home. These activities require a lot of stuff to use and store. In other words, people require more storage space to do what they want while staying at home. Storage may be used not just for pans, equipment, or kitchen appliances. You may need a place to keep your yoga mat or sportswear, a new cookbook, etc. In 2021, people will need a customized storage space that fits their current needs.

Relative to LuxePros, wood fans will be happy to know that the material is still trendy in 2021. Coffee-stained tones in combination with metal details and matt finishes will add accent and contrast to the interior. Wood can be used not only doors but for entire cabinets either in the bathroom or in the bedroom. As the fundamental material in the Scandinavian style interior, wood creates a sense of peace and tranquility.

As Doug & Ashley, Redesign Residential said, black color has always been extremely popular when it came to the house exterior. The situation does not seem to change in 2021. Black tones will let homeowners refresh the interior and make even old houses look more up-to-date and modern. Combined with wooden cabinets and doors featuring light wooden tones, black will definitely make the interior stand out. So, do not rush to sell your property. Simply paint it black.

Smart Interior Objects 
As claimed by Wooden Furniture Store, with smart homes and cities arising, having smart furniture in the interior looks absolutely natural. Different objects and pieces of furniture with built-in technologies make people’s lives easier. Not only do they let us complete our household works in less time, but also deliver a bunch of additional helpful features including integrated battery charges, wireless connectivity, remote control, and more. A great idea is to use smart furniture for creating an ideal working environment at home, as no one knows when we will have a chance to go back to the office.

Nature-Friendly Interior
In relation to The Studio Bangalore, people should have respect for nature despite the year or situation outside their homes. Nature-friendly interiors will always stay trendy despite urbanization. In 2021, we are going to follow the same theme with some new features including minimalism, wooden textures, clean shapes and lines, wooden furniture, etc. The main idea is to create a design that ensures a strong connection between residents and the outdoor world.

The True Value for Space
The trend of creating a multi-functional space debuted in 2020. We will continue following it in 2021. The idea is to ensure a harmonious combination of functional working space with the area where we can relax and let our hair down. Multi-functional spacing is not only about supporting a proper working environment. The upcoming year will bring more defined and contrasting zones as a part of the interior diversifications, which is also a new interior design trend. Open spaces, multi-zoning, alternative space functionality will deliver a diverse residential experience as Rachel Usher Interior Design said.

According to Shana Cunningham Designs, while staying at home for so much time in 2020, people now have a clear understanding of what a functional space means. Rooms and areas they considered as functional no longer fit residents’ requirements. Coronavirus resulted in a brand new interior overview. People see their homes from another angle. New trends will develop the focus on user experience, proper planning, improved ergonomics, and finishing materials to match this particular concept. 

A multi-functional interior is not only about having space in a room. Replacing the TV to hang it over the fireplace is not enough. Each element should create a harmonious symbiosis. It is a crime to distract someone from a soothing and relaxing effect provided by the fireplace with a TV. So, the trend is about not just multi-functional but wise and logically connected spaces, objects, and items as stated by Romanza Interior Design.

New Old Colors 
Neutral tones were extremely popular in 2020. They will still be trendy in 2021, as it comes with a stronger statement when compared to white or beige. Besides, the tone has a great ability to hide different downsides in the face of marks and scuffs. However, it is not that easy to find an award-winning color combination for this tone. Charcoal gray will work great with gold. Brass items may add accents. Lighter neutral tones can be used to create contrasts for space. What’s more, the tone will serve as a perfect background to numerous accessories and things people will bring from traveling when the pandemic ends as Blissful Interior Design said.

The article was written in association with Redfin.

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