Kitchen Designs. Before and After

My name is Evelina. I am a designer at Planner 5D with a higher-level education and over 5 years of work experience specializing in residential home design. Today, I am going to show you several variants of kitchen designs. They need slight modifications and improvements to become perfect.
A minimalistic kitchen
To make it cozier, I suggest adding a baseboard, blinds, and a leg for a bar counter. We hang the lamps below, add the lighting above the work surface and the window sill. Here is the final picture. Compare two renders.
A yellow kitchen
Here we have two sinks. I am going to remove one of them and leave a sink located on the island. Bar chairs are too big for this bar table, so I make them smaller. Also, I enlarged the island countertop to make seats more comfortable.
A green kitchen
The ergonomics of the kitchen are violated. I suggest making the lower cabinets not higher than 1 meter, here they're 1.13 m. The height of the lower and higher should be as in the picture below. I add additional lighting above the countertop and accent pendant lights above the bar.
A white kitchen with blue and gold accents
Lamps are located too low at only 1.35 meters height. I move them over the bar so they will become an accent. The distance between the bar counter is 40 cm. However, I suggest a minimum distance of 70 cm. It will be enough to ensure a convenient shelf opening and sitting behind the table.
Now we will add a flower. One of the walls is going to be grey (an accent wall to make the interior less light). I will place one of these armchairs on another side of the bar counter to make it more comfortable.
A very light kitchen
I put another wall near the sink to keep the floor safe from water. We replaced the glass wall with a more beautiful one to make an accent. I put the white chest of drawers and a vase on it near the wall. Now the kitchen looks more up-to-date.
A blue-and-grey kitchen
The ceiling lacks light, so I add more and make a light accent over the bar. It is important to follow the rule of the ‘Work Triangle’ - a theory, when major working areas (a sink, fridge and stove are located to compose a triangle for improved functionality). Therefore, it is better to place a fridge on the edge of the kitchen. Besides, I changed the location of the sink and cooking stove.
A white kitchen with accent tiles
Although the kitchen is white, it looks too dark because of the insufficient lighting. So, I added a lamp above the work surface. Then I replaced a lamp over a table with another one. Proper lighting helps to change the space's mood and accents.
A minimalistic white-and-brown kitchen
It comes with chaotic lighting. Built-in lamps are wrongly placed. The ones above the island are too big, while the three lamps over the sink are useless here. I am going to make lighting a bit more convenient.
Let’s try to place three lamps over the island and several built-in small lamps to add light to the ceiling. Now we can add a cooker and a hood not forgetting about blinds and other details such as fruits, pans, and a breadbasket.
A grey kitchen
It requires many changes. First of all, the distance between the kitchen cabinets is only 40 cm, which is not enough. If the pace has this particular type of island, it is better to have at least 120 cm. What’s more, lower cabinets are only 39 cm wide, while they should be 60 cm.
The main challenge is that if we use proper placement with enough distance between cabinets, we won’t have enough space to place the island. So, I will remove it. The next stage is to place kitchen appliances using the rule of the Work Triangle. We also increase the cabinet width to make it 60 cm. I will add more light to the ceiling to make the kitchen look different and more convenient in terms of cooking.
The Bottom Line
Judging by the examples above, even a well-designed kitchen may need modifications and improvements because of some minor mistakes that eventually result in a lack of comfort and functionality for the family members.
The most common misses include:
  • Violated ergonomics – it is not just about the size of cabinets and drawers. Ergonomics starts at the stage of measurements and proper kitchen shape selection. What’s more, the inability to implement the rule of the Work Triangle properly will result in more serious problems and a lack of space flexibility. Make sure you stick to required dimensions. If the space is too small, use some of our kitchen interior ideas to optimize the design in accordance with the available space.
  • Insufficient lighting – poor lighting cannot only make the kitchen look darker but also result in a less effective workspace. Make sure the kitchen has enough lamps and fixtures to ensure light and a convenient working area.
  • Lack of Storage Space – another problem caused by violated ergonomics. Inefficient space usage will never let u pace enough cabinets and drawers to store cooking utilities and items or keeping them easy to reach. Designers should keep an eye on the distance between different units and areas letting homeowners access the most remote areas. It is also a part of ergonomics.

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