How to Find Inspiration for Design Battles and More – Interview with Anna F. Hasanah

08.10.2020 06:06:00

One of the best things about Planner 5D is you, our users. We love to see your projects on Instagram and during our weekly design battles. That’s why we’ve decided to feature some of our top users on the Planner 5D blog. It’s time to put a voice to the name - this week, we’ve talked to Anna F. Hasanah, an «industrial pharmacist by education and interior design enthusiast by passion».

We asked Anna what she used Planner 5D for: "Mostly as a hobby, but I’ve been using Planner 5D for several years and have participated in Design Battles, watched tutorials and followed Interior Design School lessons".

In Planner 5D’s Design Battles, competition is fierce. “I enjoyed the metal, wood, and concrete theme, the working space and rest zone and the girl’s bedroom competition,” says Anna. Not only are the competitions great for fun, but they’re also a good way to learn. “The roof design of the metal, wood, and concrete theme was fascinating, which was an opportunity for me to create a great portfolio,” she says. “I’m starting to familiarize myself with color schemes. “While the challenge for designing a girl’s bedroom was to use white as a dominant color, I was able to combine it with a pastel color scheme while maintaining the white.

Outside of the confines of the Design Battle Challenge, we love to see how extensive our users’ imaginations are. And it reminds us why trying something out on Planner 5D is the best way to see if it works. “The wildest thing I ever designed was when I used a giraffe-patterned dark orange wallpaper,” says Anna, “I don’t think it’s a good choice for wallpaper.

Giraffe-print aside, Anna gets her inspiration from interior design magazines, Pinterest, and other people’s house pictures on Instagram. Her tips for getting the most out of Planner 5D: “Be consistently creative, be yourself, and always look for inspiration around you.” 

What do you use Planner 5D for? And where do you get your inspiration from? We’d love to hear from you, comment below and don’t forget to share your projects with us on Instagram!


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