How To Recreate the Parasite House With Planner 5D

10.11.2020 10:57:04
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What does your dream house look like? If you’re anything like us, at least during the first half of Parasite, you were drooling over the Park family’s house. The house is so enviable that the plot of the movie hinges on it. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know that all is not as it seems, but we promise, no spoilers.

It’s time for another tutorial! Let Evelina Podvorska, our Interior Design School magician, show you how to recreate the floorplan for the ground floor kitchen and dining area in Planner 5D. We’ll also give you some tips for creating the rest of the house! Click here to watch Evelina’s video tutorial.

All about the Parasite House

The home in Parasite is incredible. This status symbol was created, according to director Bong Joon-ho, to highlight the difference between the rich and poor in South Korea. The elements inside the house are stylish, but give an unnerving feeling. Here are some main points to consider when you carry out your own Parasite project on Planner 5D.

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The home is modernist and sparsely furnished. It’s not necessarily minimalist in the hygge sense of the word; the walls are austere and there are few cozy details. This makes the home seem intimidating. The décor uses a lot of greys and browns, especially in natural materials such as wood and stone.

Kitchen & Dining Area

These are the two main areas that are recreated in the video tutorial. In the dining area is a trendy bar with seating and precisely-placed overhead lighting. The ceiling in the whole ground floor is a dark gray-black, which gives the whole floor a sinister feeling - and this is no accident!


The staircases in Parasite are handily placed for sneaking around. The placement of the first-floor-to-second-floor stairs hides them both behind the living room and the dining table so the people going up and down them cannot be spotted. The stairs down to the basement are placed so that they look as though they head into darkness - your imagination will go wild wondering what’s down there! The stairs are made from stone, which adds to the modernist, austere aesthetic.

‘That’ Window

The living room is not included in the tutorial, but if you want to recreate it, you cannot miss the enormous window. Designed especially for the aspect ratio of the film, there is a lot of drama resting on this window. It’s not just a stunning feature, but integral to the film.

So… how do I recreate it?

Create the plan

While some of our other movie interiors have been around a long time, Parasite only came out in 2019, so there are some details that are yet to be discovered and analyzed. You might need to search for photos or use your imagination! Remember, however much artistic licence you take, remember to keep it grand. As Evelina says, “the house is not small at all.”

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Upload the textures and add structural features

Next, Evelina uploaded the one texture she needed: wooden floor. She also added the doors and windows. 

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Add furniture and details

The furniture in this interior is quite unusual, which means that it requires imagination. According to Evelina, “it’s interesting to pick the furniture that would look like the reference - it’s quite challenging to find similar ones in the catalogue.” If you opt for functional furniture with a modern twist, you shouldn’t go too far wrong.

The small details are what make the film’s interior so memorable. The plant by the stairs offers extra mystery and the lights fit the architecture smoothly. Make sure you don’t forget to add them!

When it comes to the details that aren’t in the catalogue, Evelina suggests using the magic cube, such as for the runway and for the staircase, as it is larger than the staircase in the catalogue. 

Interesting facts

If you’re interested in the interior, make sure you know these cool things about it
  • This home was purpose-built for the film. Director Bong Joon Ho wanted to create a status symbol that a materialist person would be able to boast about. 
  • One of the reasons that the furniture is not available in the Planner 5D catalogue is that it was mostly custom made. The production designer, Lee Ha Jun, asked artists to create the furniture and interior design elements. 
  • Lee’s inspiration came from architects, house designs and his son’s Lego blocks. 
This home is extremely unusual, and while it has familiar elements, it creates an unnerving atmosphere through uncomfortable details. The house is a main character in the film. Even though it seems at first enviable, it hides a lot of secrets. This makes it both an exciting and challenging Planner 5D project. Check out the project to copy, paste and edit!

What’s your favorite element of the Parasite House? Share with us your thoughts below, and remember, no spoilers!

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