Interior Design Tool Planner 5D Releases Its Online School In Spanish, Russian & Portuguese

Planner 5D, the easy-to-use 3D home design tool that enables anyone to create floor plans and interior designs with AI, today announced the launch of its interior design school in Spanish, Russian & Portuguese. The course initially launched in English helps Planner 5D users to master the design fundamentals needed to design functional, ergonomic and stunning interiors and create the living space of their dreams. 

The program was created by interior designers at Planner 5D and includes nine modules of video tutorials: introduction to interior design, zoning, ergonomics, interior styles, colors and materials, furniture, lighting, decor and visualization. All lessons last for 10-15 minutes and are combined in modules of 35 minutes. Each module also contains a homework assignment that is checked by a professional designer with more than 5 years of experience. 

The first module is free to everyone, the whole program is free to users who have a Planner 5D premium account and available under subscription to others. Users who successfully complete all tests and assignments receive a certificate of completion of the school. 

“During the first year of school’s operation 30,600 people from English-speaking countries signed up to complete the course,” — Andrey Ustyugov, the CEO of Planner 5D, says. “We got thousands of positive feedback and requests from other countries and this year we expanded the geography of Planner 5D interior design school, launching the course in three new languages. We hope our course will help Planner 5D users to take their projects to the next level and design the homes of their dreams”.

Planner 5D already has over 64 million users who have designed over 80 million projects using its catalog of over 5000 items. The tool lets them customize everything from wall colors to flooring materials to room dimensions. It makes realistic renderings of users’ designs with shadows, physical lighting, and reflections, in addition to boasting an AI assistant and a cutting-edge floor plan recognition feature.


Planner 5D is an easy-to-use home design tool, which allows anyone to create floor plans and interior designs in minutes without any specialist skills by using powerful AI, VR & AR technologies. Today Planner 5D helps more than 64 million users who have created over 80 million designs to renovate their homes, change interior designs, choose new furniture and decoration. Planner 5D is available on all platforms including Web, iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows 10. For more information please visit https://planner5d.com 

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El curso no está en español, lo que está en español es la descripción.
15.05.2021 15:55:33
Olga Kukushkina
Hello! We released our Spanish course on last Tuesday. Now you can watch course in Spanish
24.05.2021 14:20:50
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