Planner 5D for Android Is OUT

29.05.2015 11:56:34
We’re more than happy to announce that Planner 5D for Android operating system is out and is available on Google Play. Right now the app only supports tablets with an ability to support mobile devices on the way coming up.



Use all amazing Planner 5D features on Android:
Create interiors:

- create floor plans of your own or build on a project from an existing gallery
- choose and customize furniture, accessories and décor elements from a regularly re-stored catalog
- apply hundreds of textures and colors in different combinations
- drag and drop items to any place on your layout


View & make amazing screenshots in 2D & 3D HD:

- build in 2D or realistic 3D HD modes and make super realistic screenshots of your designs
- share results with your friends on social networks


Since we’ve just launched the app, your comments, suggestions and any notices of defects so called bugs are more than welcome. Drop us a line by kornelija@planner5d.com. Thanks in advance!

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